Saturday, December 11, 2010

fun with cousin Elsa

before i download all my pictures from this past week with my family in Pennsylvania, i have to share this video before i forget. My sis put it up and i had to steal it.

Dulany LOVES her cousin Elsa. They played a little together last summer at the beach but now that they're older and both running around like crazy they were obsessed with eachother. Well maybe Dulany was more obsessed with E ... Dulany would wake up and say "elthsa" and then when we would come down the stairs or E would come downstairs to us... Dulany would SCREAM (and i mean scream) ELTHSA!!! HIIIIIIIIII!!! she is too funny. THey would run around chasing eachother (sometimes Dulany giving E a little push saying 'go') and playing (sometimes fighting over a toy.. what kid doesnt do that) and their favorite - Peek-a-boo..

here is the video - it doesnt get good until around 50 seconds in - Enjoy!

i really don't know what Dulany will do with out her cousin. Poor girl. we have adam over and then he goes home after 2 weeks and then we're with Elsa and then we leave her after a week.

and I have pictures. I just need to edit some and put them up.

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