Saturday, February 27, 2010

all cooped up.

i seriously hate winters in rexburg. I mean, utah even has grass showing. Their snow melts, ours doesnt. It hasnt snowed bad in awhile, which is fine. but it is So cold and that means there will be 2 feet of snow till like april. There was a day last week wher it was sunny outside and probably 30 degrees so i dragged Tom out to take a walk with me and Dulany at the nature park (another reason i hate rexburg. No sidewalks. if there are sidewalks, they aren't shoveled and i dont like to walk in the streets with a baby). So we went and this was the first time Dulany sat in the actual stroller (considering we havent gotten the stroller out in months..) so it was quite exciting as you can see. Too bad the walk only lasted like 10 minutes.

while we're inside all day, she rolls all over the floor for her toys. She finally noticed that some of her toys are in the little basket i have. So she tries to get them, and then she whines cause she's frustrated. its kinda cute.

here is a few pics of her in her valentines outfit that we still like her to wear cause well its just so dang cute. I try to put little clips in her hair because its getting a lot thicker/longer but its still not quite long enough.. oh well! hopefully soon.

ps. another post below, and more videos to come. promise!

Sleepy Baby

Here are a few pics of my baby girl sleeping. the first two are how we found her one night before we went to bed. Lately she's been in some funny positions. Yesterday she ended up on the other side of the crib, opposite of how she was, head in the corner on TOP of her stuffed animal/blanket thing. Too bad she was upset and i didnt get a picture.

this morning, she woke up at 5 am.. (its been happening as of lately) so i made her bottle and stuck her inbetween us. She fell asleep and i quickly put her pacifier in so she would stay asleep. She usually gets her pacifier and starts babbling but this morning she stayed asleep till 8 am between us. i was pretty surprised. with all three of us in the bed facing the same way, it looked like 3 way spooning. I decided i needed to take a picture.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

videos, again.

here is a video of how excited dulany got when the puppets came on tv when watching baby mcdonald the other day.

so im pretty sure i didnt post this, but i may have.. anywho, she LOVES standing on her own as i said before. After we took this video, my friend EMily came over and Dulany stood for over 30 seconds for her, iw as so amazed! sorry its sideways!

and here is a video fo her just being silly right after she got out of the bath with her crazy hair. Its getting a lot more thicker now (i LOVE it! ) and i can't wait to start putting it in little piggy tails!

ps. there are 2 more posts below, so make sure to check them out!

as of lately

dulany now has to hold her own bottle all the time, which is fine by me. its almost bad though bc when its 6 in the morning and she wants one i stick her in our bed where she usually falls asleep for a little bit so it almost makes me want to just give it to her in her crib but i def dont want to start that habit! i like having her snuggle withus in the mornings since she is very miss independent the rest of the day.

also, she rolls around all the time but usually is always on her back. therefor when dad is watching sports and she wants to watch, she looks like this. silly girl.

her poops are like big people poops now. very solid = lots of pushing. it cracks us up w. the faces she makes. i tried to get one while she was eatting.

Friday, February 19, 2010

wouldn't you..

want to climb into this crib and snuggle?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

8 months old!

Dulany is 8 months old today!

some new things about her...

she is starting to like veggies now.. even though its cause i have to put some applesauce in about everything (peas, greenbeans, squash).

she's laughing more and more each day and babbles. She'll only say mamma now when shes upset. sad day! we're working on dada now.

she does amazing going to sleep. she gets a bath, eats, bedtime story and we can put her down awake and she puts herself to sleep. No more swaddling at all! we're finally back on a schedule with ehr for the daytime with naps which means she's sleeping in later (no more 5 am wakings like after christmas!)

she has started to fall asleep on her side/belly... note picture.

she rolls ALL over the place. she perfers to roll than to crawl. (i put her on her belly to crawl, bam right back to rolling over)

She LOVES to stand. sometimes we'll try to sit her on the floor and she just wants to stand. so we'll sit with her and let her stand.. she;'s been able to stand for a total of about 12 seconds at the longest. She's too funny. She loves to stand next to her exersaucer while playing too.

so who needs crawling right? i wish. We're working on crawling but she just doesnt seem to want to do it. we'll keep going at it though...(thats why i dont really like going to a married student ward.. which means tons of babies, which means tons of kids to compare your kid too. which isnt good)

anywho, here are a few pictures from today/yesterday and a few videos.

here is a video of her figuring our she can use her foot to spin the toy. i thought it was kinda funny.

here is a video of her trying to get my camera. and when tom tries to put her on the floor to try to crawl to it, nope, she just rolls. thats what she does all the time.

here is a video of her just talking and saying "im 8 months old!"

here is another video of her playing with her tights. i could do this all day long at church to keep her occupied and happy.. she just laughs and laughs.

ok one last video. her standing up on her exersaucer. I had another video where she stands for a little bit when she let go, but i accidently deleted it.. whoops!

here are som pictures! notice the stinkin cute green sweater that grandma roseanne got her while we were in oregon.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

our trip to Oregon

so we took a quick trip to Oregon this past weekend. My sister told me a few months back about a deal Southwest was doing and so we got 2 round trip tickets from boise to portland for a total of $140 bucks! so thursday we got there early in the morning and left monday afternoon. Wow, let me just say i LOVED that 1 hour 5 minute flight! Dulany did amazing and even fell asleep pretty easily! Thursday we just dropped by mom's work at the high school and and then hung out for a bit. It was Leslie's birthday so we had dinner and cake. Friday Tom went to work with dad and then helped work on Leslie's car brakes while we just hung out and took dulany outside (it was about 50 degrees and sunny!) That night we went out to dinner with grandma and grandpa roberts. Saturday we headed to the coast to do a little shopping and go to Mo's (amazing clam chowder/food!) It was a little rainy so that was a bummer. That night we left dulany with the fam and we went and saw Dear John and got icecream. We need to get someone to watch dulany here in rexburg because dates are amazing and much needed. Sunday we went to church and dulany LOVED sitting with grandpa and played with him the whole time. We went to grandma grandpa roberts that night for a potluck with all the cousins. It was so nice to visit with people. Dulany played with tom's cousin's baby girl Settely (i hope i spelled her name right!) who is just less than 2 weeks younger than dulany. Mondayw e went to the Cheesecake factory and then headed to the airport. Oh yes, and i got a TON of slurpees!!

here are all the pics in the slide show!

here are a few videos!

here is dulany taking a bath in the sink. who knew it would be tons more fun than laying in the bath tub! she had so much fun.

here is her with grandpa talking away!

Oh funny story. We were taking off from portland and Dulany was sitting in my lap. I thought she started to whine so i started making noises as we were going up.. turned out she was laughing.. it was SO funny. everytime i made a noise (along with all the bumps and stuff) she was cracking up.

The only bad thing is.. well a few, we came back to rexburg to cold and snow on the ground (when we were in oregon 50 degrees and green green grass) and we all caught colds... so today we took dulany to the doctors.. and she already has grown a ton. She is 17lbs and 26 inches long!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Dulany's new Toy Chest.

I went to porters the other day and decided that since i rented out my wedding dress again (i actually paid the whole dress off after renting it out for the 3rd time!) and got a little extra $ i could spend some money. I was going to go get some flowers or bows to make headbands for Dulany, but after seeing a project on display, i decided to try it out. I got a bare wooden chest, and different fabric squares, modgepodge stuff and made this toy chest for Dulany. Im pretty impressed if i do say so myself!

videos videos videos!

ok, lots of videos! so enjoy. ps. other posts below so make sure to look.

here is one of her almost naked (i love when she's just in a diaper, her and her chunky self!) and she's trying to get the little characters off her blanket. she does this all the time and sometimes gets frustrated cause they dont come off and she cant grab them.

heres a video of her trying to scoot and stuff.

alright, here is a video of her in her high chair playing. So stinkin cute.

and heres one last video of her with her camera. haha, this one makes me laugh. you get a good view of her mouth!

this and that.

hahaha this is one of my absolute favorite pictures. Right when i take the camera out, she does this.

here are a few pics of Dulany. She really likes to be in her high chair and play with her toys. I usually do this when im making dinner and dad is studying/doing homework. She already likes to play with kitchen stuff.

Also, for some reason, she is fixated on lights.. even if they arent on. She'll want to roll onto her back so she can look at them or even almost fall backwards trying to look at them. What a silly girl.

we also think she looks stinkin adorable in her "baby in a bag" pjs.