Wednesday, February 10, 2010

our trip to Oregon

so we took a quick trip to Oregon this past weekend. My sister told me a few months back about a deal Southwest was doing and so we got 2 round trip tickets from boise to portland for a total of $140 bucks! so thursday we got there early in the morning and left monday afternoon. Wow, let me just say i LOVED that 1 hour 5 minute flight! Dulany did amazing and even fell asleep pretty easily! Thursday we just dropped by mom's work at the high school and and then hung out for a bit. It was Leslie's birthday so we had dinner and cake. Friday Tom went to work with dad and then helped work on Leslie's car brakes while we just hung out and took dulany outside (it was about 50 degrees and sunny!) That night we went out to dinner with grandma and grandpa roberts. Saturday we headed to the coast to do a little shopping and go to Mo's (amazing clam chowder/food!) It was a little rainy so that was a bummer. That night we left dulany with the fam and we went and saw Dear John and got icecream. We need to get someone to watch dulany here in rexburg because dates are amazing and much needed. Sunday we went to church and dulany LOVED sitting with grandpa and played with him the whole time. We went to grandma grandpa roberts that night for a potluck with all the cousins. It was so nice to visit with people. Dulany played with tom's cousin's baby girl Settely (i hope i spelled her name right!) who is just less than 2 weeks younger than dulany. Mondayw e went to the Cheesecake factory and then headed to the airport. Oh yes, and i got a TON of slurpees!!

here are all the pics in the slide show!

here are a few videos!

here is dulany taking a bath in the sink. who knew it would be tons more fun than laying in the bath tub! she had so much fun.

here is her with grandpa talking away!

Oh funny story. We were taking off from portland and Dulany was sitting in my lap. I thought she started to whine so i started making noises as we were going up.. turned out she was laughing.. it was SO funny. everytime i made a noise (along with all the bumps and stuff) she was cracking up.

The only bad thing is.. well a few, we came back to rexburg to cold and snow on the ground (when we were in oregon 50 degrees and green green grass) and we all caught colds... so today we took dulany to the doctors.. and she already has grown a ton. She is 17lbs and 26 inches long!


Jody and Alex said...

wow, she has really grown since we saw her last! Hope she gets feeling better soon. Love all the pics and the video of her bath in the sink!

Brian Jessica Rowlan said...

We would love love love to watch her anytime and we are always home