Saturday, February 27, 2010

all cooped up.

i seriously hate winters in rexburg. I mean, utah even has grass showing. Their snow melts, ours doesnt. It hasnt snowed bad in awhile, which is fine. but it is So cold and that means there will be 2 feet of snow till like april. There was a day last week wher it was sunny outside and probably 30 degrees so i dragged Tom out to take a walk with me and Dulany at the nature park (another reason i hate rexburg. No sidewalks. if there are sidewalks, they aren't shoveled and i dont like to walk in the streets with a baby). So we went and this was the first time Dulany sat in the actual stroller (considering we havent gotten the stroller out in months..) so it was quite exciting as you can see. Too bad the walk only lasted like 10 minutes.

while we're inside all day, she rolls all over the floor for her toys. She finally noticed that some of her toys are in the little basket i have. So she tries to get them, and then she whines cause she's frustrated. its kinda cute.

here is a few pics of her in her valentines outfit that we still like her to wear cause well its just so dang cute. I try to put little clips in her hair because its getting a lot thicker/longer but its still not quite long enough.. oh well! hopefully soon.

ps. another post below, and more videos to come. promise!


Jody and Alex said...

Wow, look at her hair, its gotten so much longer. I love how excited she looks in the she has been dying to get out too!

erin said...

Oh Jess! She is so absolutely adorable, I just want to eat her up! So so cute! :)

Michelle Starrs said...

love the clip! she is such a cutie. i know how you feel about being cooped up, but at least its warm down here so we can take walks. her little V-day outfit is so cute!