Wednesday, January 16, 2013

6 months

Happy 6 Months to my Little Men!

best buds!

here they are next to their little preemie clothes they wore in the NICU. 

and here they are all decked out. those are totaly 3 month outfits! 

both are between 15 and 16 lbs

both can roll from their bellies to back

both love their play mats

Both have slept through the night... only a few times.

both LOVE to splash in the bath

both like to sit in the bumbo

Both love to laugh!

Kempton Dean:

Very mellow, rarely ever cries (only if tired or hungry and has the SADDEST cry if he gets hurt)
Blond fuzzy hair (with a little mohok going on in the front) and BIG blue eyes
Loves to be on his belly.
loves to snuggle in bed with mommy and daddy.
cutest. laugh. ever.
always looking around with his big eyes.

Colton Thomas:
brown hair and brown eyes (turning brown right now)
will grab at anything and everything. He already steals things from his brother
he loves all his toys... mostly the ones that make noise
We put him on his belly and now he kicks his legs like crazy.
this kid LOVES to smile. all you have to do is look at him and he smiles.
very ticklish
Momma's boy.

right now we havent tried giving solid food yet. i have no desire to start that with 2 babies plus Dulany. maybe in a few weeks!?

and in about a month after they are sick we will start sleep training to get them to sleep on their own. not necessarily to sleep through the night.

Happy 6 months Baby boys!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2012 in review

I saw a friend do this and thought it was neat to keep track of what happened last year!

Year 2012 in Review:

January - Adjusting to being pregnant (hello morning sickness) with a toddler!

February - 10 weeks pregnant we found out we were having twins! Welcomed a new niece Lucy (Alex and Jody's newest)

March - Went and visited the east coast! went to DC to visit friends and toms mission and then went to Pennsylvania to visit my family. Also got to meet little William our nephew(Seth and Marianne's first baby)

April- celebrated our 4 year anniversary. Found out we were having 2 boys

May - Hospitalized for preterm contractions for 3 days. Put on bedrest.

June - Tom turned 27 and Dulany turned 3! We welcomed a new nephew paysen (alex and julie's little boy) and had my baby shower.

July - Went into preterm labor (again!) and took first ambulance ride from one hospital to the bigger one and was in and out of labor for 3 days before having a csection. Boys came july 16tth and spent 2 weeks in the NICU. Tom also got job offer to teach at Riddle Jr/High School in Riddle Oregon (3 hours south)

August - Bonnie, Adam and Niccole come to visit and the whole family takes a road trip to Utah to go to Lagoon (including 3 week old boys!). We move to Myrtle Creek Oregon the very end of august.

September - Tom started his job teaching so many different classes. And he loves it! So proud of him!

October - Visited Grandma and Grandpa over General Conf. weekend and visit the pumpkin patch. Boys first Halloween. Gramps (pease) comes to visit for a week and we have the boys baby blessing.

November - Boys first Thanksgiving (at grandma and grandpas). Jessie turns 25.

December - Boys first Christmas. Our first christmas in Myrtle Creek just our little family! Spent New Years week with grandma and grandpa.

I just want to say that I (along with tom, we've talked about this so many times) am incredibly grateful with how things turned out this year. It's definitely a testimony builder to know that our Heavenly Father does have a plan for us. When we found out we were pregnant when we did, we realized the due date was right when tom would start a job if he got one. What if he didnt get a job? If he did would he be there for the birth of our baby (soon to be found out there were 2... so babies!). We didnt know where we would be living or if we would have an income with 2 babies coming and we were stressing out. It took us a year to get pregnant with these boys and In the back of my mind i knew that it was supposed to be this way for SOME reason. just didnt know what. Then i went into preterm labor and we were so nervous with how the boys would be and how long they would be in the Nicu or if they would have health problems. Well we got lucky there. 2 weeks and no major problems at all. Grateful to say the least. Then the day after they were born and on our way into the Nicu for the first time Tom received a call with a job offer. Then we got the house that we were looking at for months that we wanted to rent. We say we got lucky. Tom's dad reminds us that it was not luck.It was supposed to be this way. Everyhthing just fell into place for that and im incredibly thankful!

Im very curious to see what will happen in this next year. Hopefully we will be able to reduce our debt by paying off our car and credit card expenses from moving and possibility of buying a house! 

oh and life getting easier with having 3 kiddos!

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Years.

Friday after Christmas we headed up to Mcminnville to grandma and grandpas house! Dulany was so excited!  we usually only go for a weekend but this time we got to go for practically a week! it was so nice to be able to go and relax. since it was just us going and we had 2 rooms to use i put all the kids in one room (D got a queen bed all to herself!) and tom and i took the other room. All of us slept SO much better! (babies and I don't do well sleeping in the same room. they dont sleep well and i dont get good sleep! haha)

anyways. we got there and cousin Ayla came over and here are some pictures of the girls playing together.

Watching a mvoie on kaylees phone. Ayla knew exactly what to do it was too funny.

Again - ayla knew what to do with the head set. it was too funny. Maybe the girls were playing office?

It snowed!!! Mr. C wanted to check it out

We had a RedRobin giftcard (thanks bonnie and jason!) and so did our friends Page and Logan and so we went on a double date... with the kiddos (minus D, thanks Kaylee for watching her!). We dont have many pics of the  boys dressed up because they pretty much stay in pjs all day since we are still working on naping around the clock. might as well stay comfy!

Grandma got them these matching outfits and we had to have the boys wear their jordans and nike's before their feet got too big!

and D got to ride her bike at grandma and grandpas! she was so excited. except she kept saying "im going to hit the car!" ...w e still need to work on steering! 

the boys playing at grandmas

i LOOOOVE this picture. love love love.

Mr. C

Mr. K haha his eyes crack me up!

theres a good smile!

Ayla and D took a nap with grandma in grandma's bed - their favorite place to be!

I guess D was ready to be back in her bed when we got home. I found her like this with all her books ready for bed. i was not complaining!

ok since when did these boys get SO big!?

I couldnt get them both to smile at the same time. so ill just post both! they are too cute.

and last of all - pictures of D on her trampoline!

Now its back to school for Tom. ... not to mention he's starting his 5 weeks of coaching the Jr. highs boys basketball team. Then he gets a 2 week break and starts coaching the girls varsity softball team. Basically he's coaching till the end of the school year. 

oh and he just got called to be the Young Men's president.

not like i need to my husband home anyways right!? 

(ps there is only 2 active young men in the ward... his calling is more of getting the young men active and what not... but still. early morning meetings every sunday? Yikes.... i better start preparing myself to be a single mommy!)