Wednesday, January 16, 2013

6 months

Happy 6 Months to my Little Men!

best buds!

here they are next to their little preemie clothes they wore in the NICU. 

and here they are all decked out. those are totaly 3 month outfits! 

both are between 15 and 16 lbs

both can roll from their bellies to back

both love their play mats

Both have slept through the night... only a few times.

both LOVE to splash in the bath

both like to sit in the bumbo

Both love to laugh!

Kempton Dean:

Very mellow, rarely ever cries (only if tired or hungry and has the SADDEST cry if he gets hurt)
Blond fuzzy hair (with a little mohok going on in the front) and BIG blue eyes
Loves to be on his belly.
loves to snuggle in bed with mommy and daddy.
cutest. laugh. ever.
always looking around with his big eyes.

Colton Thomas:
brown hair and brown eyes (turning brown right now)
will grab at anything and everything. He already steals things from his brother
he loves all his toys... mostly the ones that make noise
We put him on his belly and now he kicks his legs like crazy.
this kid LOVES to smile. all you have to do is look at him and he smiles.
very ticklish
Momma's boy.

right now we havent tried giving solid food yet. i have no desire to start that with 2 babies plus Dulany. maybe in a few weeks!?

and in about a month after they are sick we will start sleep training to get them to sleep on their own. not necessarily to sleep through the night.

Happy 6 months Baby boys!!


Jody and Alex said...

They are getting so big and are so cute. I want so bad to play with them! I am willing to bet that Lucy makes a bigger mess eating then the two of them combined will!!

Marianne P. said...

Awwww! They're adorable! I hope that William gets to meet them soon!