Saturday, May 3, 2014

Susan Creek Falls

Tom was actually home this morning. Its a rare occasion on saturdays for Softball Season. (is softball over yet, and then is school over??) only a few more weeks....  I've survived this far (barely)... so lets see if I can make it!

anyways - we decided to go hike up susan creek falls on a small trail that we did last summer. The problem this year is the boys were throwing major fits when they couldn't get out (its all rocks and stuff and they would ultimately fall into the no getting out!) and we didn't last long at the actual falls. 

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6 years.

April 19th we celebrated our 6th year anniversary. So crazy to think its been that long already! 

Tom was able to get the whole day free from any softball which was so nice. 

we just stayed in and cooked a steak dinner and rented a movie. It was nice to just have him home!

looking back on April 19th 2008!

Love you babe. Thanks for the 6 years and our 3 children. Thank you for working so hard for us and for all you do for our family.

ps. you're stuck with me for eternity ; ) 

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Phone Pictures....

You know you got a smart phone when your blog has no new posts for months and you just saved 60 photos from your phone to your computer..... yikes. So here it is... so many pictures. ALSO a new ACTUAL post because i actually took pictures with my camera! that is below..

Daddy's softball games:

playing in the backyard:

(technically this was on my jog/walk the other day... so gorgeous)

maybe my other favorite picture of Colton.

some inside fun during a week we had a lot of rain:

this is D's friend Brooke, she came over for a play date!

(at grandmas house "i was planned" and "I was a surprise" shirts!

making forts

this boy loves his bath!

then there are days we just need to get out and go to the store - this Buggy Bench thing is awesome! no more standing kids in carts.

cuddles! I love when they all play well together. Kemp really loves D - and always jumps on the couch to snuggle with her.

finally daddy snuggles!

WildLife Safari - its this big park where they have wild animals and you drive around and they can be far away or sometimes they're right up at your car.

(this "goosey" is D's favorite due to Charlottes' Web

many faces of Mr. K... hilarious.

this was D at her Kindergarten Round Up. she got to go see the classroom and go on a bus ride - its like "pre registration".

Easter Sunday:

we planted "magic jelly beans" the night before - and these popped up easter morning! 

everyone in our bed in the morning!

coloring eggs!

Mommy went on a trip to PA to visit my family that i didn't see. and i went. by. myself. I sure missed my kiddos but it was fun to relax and see my family! even if it was freezing! as in snowing. so crazy!