Sunday, June 27, 2010

She's on the move!

Dulany is pretty much only walking now. Its crazy. Yesterday she walked all the around sports authority which made me realize she is too big!! im still get nervous when she's walking on the concrete cause she still stumbles (she's wanting to go a lot faster than her little legs can move her!) and falls. But she's gotta learn right? She also is doing better with walking in shoes (cute cute shoes might i add! thank you aunt bonnie for one of those pair of cute robeez that she wears all the time!) Today in church she didnt want to stay in one place to play, she wanted to walk everywhere.
anywho, here are a few pictures:
it finally started to get warm, so we went to the splash park, she kinda got scared with all the older kids and the water, but when we got ot the 'little fountains' if you call them that, she wanted to splash in the water. Please excuse me, doing something and can you see my really bad farmers tan? yikes!

here is a picture of her asleep, again, i went in and loved how her little legs were crossed but not sur ehow she slept with her dolly over her face like that! silly girl, you never know how you'll find her sleeping.

here is a video of Dulany we took tonight, she's naked, but you can only see her cute little naked bum! but here she is walking all the way there until she got to the bathroom and kurplop right on the tile!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads! To my dad who's always been there for me and an amazing grandpa to dulany, to Tom's dad who has been an awesome father in law (not many can say this!)who welcomed me into his family and an awesome grandpa to Dulany as well, and to Tom. Last year Dulany came early just in time for Fathers Day (so she was his present, cause if you go back and see, i forgot about fahers day! whoops). So this year Dulany and I got up early while he was still sleeping and made him a homemade fathers day card with some left over scrapbooking stuff. It looks kinda lame, but it has 2 pics of DUlany and Daddy together and we're poor college students so it would have to do! (sorry tom, no ps3 game for you!)

Happy Fathers Day Tom! we Love you and couldn't have asked for a better daddy!

- aasxhnq120o-90odhhhhhhhsadnr as eqawsx - "I love you daddy" - Dulany

here are a few of my favorite pictures of daddy and dulany:

ps. 1st bday party pics below!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

First Birthday Party

Dulany had her first birthday party today! we just did a cookout with all the cousins and a few of Dulany's friends she plays with all the time. We had a lot of fun until it got super windy and a little chilly outside (so much for it being beautiful until everyone comes!) but we had tons of people over so inside was packed and then all the kdis were outside. I made Dulany a "1" cake which im pretty impressed with and made tons of cupcakes....

i figured i would give dulany a cupcake to herself... well she threw it over the edge of her high chair. go figure. So we finall ygave her a piece of cake and she gobbled it right up! She got a few presents (which i didnt expect at all!) and she got puzzles, a ball and bubbles, some clothes and barrettes. Thanks to everyone who got her something!

here are some pics from the party, although i didnt take any from the actual bbq!

here she is opening presents:

eating cake!:

there is a video of us singing but its taking forever to upload so ill do it later!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

1 year stats

we went to the doctor today (although we missed our original appt because itotally spaced it, whoops! that never happens!) but luckily they squeezed us in. I wasn't aware that 12 month shots were going to be so much worse than earlier shots! Oh my goodnes, im glad i gave her motrin before buti dont think it did anything for the time being (although she's happy now) but i had to hold her arms while tom held her legs.. AH! i wanted to cry.. and then they wanted to check her blood for led so they had to prick her finger right after she Finally calmed down (with a dum dum which she didnt want to give up) and that wouldnt stop bleeding! oh so sad... we wanted to go buy her an icecream cone afterwards or something...

anywho her stats:

Weight: 20lbs 6 oz - 43%
Height: 27.5 inches - 18ish % (they accidently put 17.5 on the sheet so i dont know exactly..)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1 Year Old!

1 year ago, at 11:40 am, Dulany Kay came into this world! is she seriously 1 already? they say it goes by fast, but not this fast! I feel like i just had her, but then again i feel like ive had her forever. Can't imagine our family with out her! She still gets pinches and nibbles on her cheeks from her daddy, of course. keep saying we want her to stop growing and be our baby forever...

she isn't doing that though... she's learning so fast and becoming smarter! she is starting to walk everywhere (well she takes like up to 10 steps then gives up and crawls) so by next week she'll probably be only walking! she LOVES to hear the abc's... and she wants to sing along too.. but her version goes "aayy eee eee " she loves peek a boo, patty cake, and "blowing kisses" (which she learned from her friend everett!)
She's already gotten birthday cards and gifts from family. She got some toys from Grandma and grandpa pease... here she is opening those.

Well, you can tell we're college students cause our present to her was her carseat haha. But she loves it! We also got her 2 new pair of shoes which we hope she'll actually wear.

Anywho, she doesnt have her appointment till tomorrow so we'll have to put her stats up later, but seriously....she went from this

to this!? She's growing too fast!

ps. look below for a post about her poor little head!

this girl is accident prone!

Dulany has had a rough 2 days.... first on monday she slipped and fell and hit her head on the shelf on the bookshelf.. it started to bleed, i freaked out a little but she's fine! Here is a picture of that...

Then last night she hit her head smack down on the tile floor after trying to get on birthday packages we got from grandma and grandpa pease... haha here are pictures of her massive goose egg she got on the other side of her head. Poor girl!

In this picture you can see how swollen the bump is on the other side of her head

she's got the drugged out look down.... but you can see how bad it is!

But still happy cause Einstein is on!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My sister wanted to see my menu for the next few weeks, also my friend kimber posted her menu for last week on her blog and i actually got one of my meals from her and said i would post mine on here.. so here it is...

Tuesday (today): Chicken Fried Rice (with veggies)

Wednesday: Apricot Chicken with rice pilaf (stole this one from Kimber)

Thursday: Bacon wrapped Teriyaki chicken skewers with grilled veggies

Friday: Almond Crusted Chicken Fingers - i got this recipe from a healthy recipe book i have.

Saturday: BBQ with family/friends for Dulanys 1st Birthday! (which was actually wednesday_

Sunday: Fathers Day = Steak, Baked potatoes and Salad

Monday: Pam's (my stepmom) Meatloaf (SO good, better then any other meatloaf ive had) with mashed potatoes, veggies

Tuesday: Sweet and Sour Chicken served with white rice

Wednesday: Left Overs (Tom has baseball practice right after school on wednesdays so those are "whatever you find in the fridge" day.)

Thursday: Teriyaki Chicken Bowls (my sis gave me this recipe, if you want it let me know)

Friday: BBQ Chicken Pizza

Saturday: Tacos

Sunday: Paula Deens Mac N Cheese Crock Pot

Monday: Chicken Ceaser Salad/ Pitas

Tuesday: BBQ chicken on the grill (we've done it in the slow cooker, but we like to use the ingredients and marinade the chicken over night and then grill it on the grill)

Wednesday: Leftovers

Then its the first of the month and we'll do another shopping trip!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Swimming and ABC's

The other day it was finally nice enough to go swimming. We got the pool out and Dulany was playing by herself for a little bit then her friends came to swim with her! they had so mcuh fun. She was in the pool for an hour... and like 2 hours outside before that. When i took her out she was mad, but we put her straight in the bath so she was happy about that. here are pictures of her swimming with her friends

here are a few random pictures. First one we went to the park for a walk. she loves it! and she just looks so stinkin big in her stroller!

the next one is of her eating pancakes! she LOVES pancakes!

then the last one is of her REALLYLY happy! i sing the abc's to her and she loves it. also since we've been singing them to her, she's been trying to sing them back, this morning it seriously sounded like she sang "ABC...." and then kinda rambled. but we both turned to eachother and asked "Did she jsut say abc?" smart little girl!

Monday, June 7, 2010

first steps!

Dulany has been trying to take steps. She was succesful in taking her first step yesterday. This morning it was 2 1/2 steps and this evening it was a lot more. i ogt lucky and caught it on camera... she walked best when she was watching baby einstein... shocking? no.
here it is...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

2 in the bed, and the little one said...

Roll Over... which is what Dulany did to me. She has a really bad cough now (only when she's sleeping/laying down). and yesterday for a nap it seems like she slept better in our bed with me... for some reason. So last night after waking up due to coughing... i let her come into bed with us. She decided to roll ontop of me, no joke... and so she kicked me out of the bed and i had to sleep on the couch.

she now sleeps with her bum straight up in the air and knees underneath her. She has red spots on her knees when she wakes up. Here are a few pics of her sleeping.

She fell asleep on me like this last night. this never happens! therefor i made tom take a picture! how cute??

Saturday Fun

Saturday was finally a nice day and seemed like i never stopped moving. First i had to clean the whole apartment and make some food for a baby shower i was having for Emily (who i grew up with and is married to Tom's cousin) She's due in August and the shower wwent pretty well! here are a few pics of everyoen who came.

then we got to go to Daddy's baseball game (it was finallyw arm out! YAY!) and we had her wear her Mariners Jersey (like a real jersey... thank you cat for getting it for her!).

here she is sporting the Mariners at daddys game.

finally around 7 after coming home, bathing Dulany, making dinner, cleaning up after the shower we got to relax.. only to have to deal with Dulany being sick.. again..with a cough. Ugh! Other than that it was a fun saturday!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Today is Tom's birthday!! he turns 25 ! what an old man. I think what he looks foward to most about 25 is insurance rates going down and not having to pay extra with car rentals (which we've had to do i think 3 times since we've been together). Anywho.. i only get this computer for a few minutes and so i wanted to quickly wish my hubs a wonderful 25th birthday! but he's a stinker cause he opened his birthday present like a month ago AND he didnt want a birthday cake... so im not sure if itll feel too much like a birthday for him. Anywho, we love him and hopes he has a wonderful day today!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Videos from Memorial Day Weekend

here are some videos from this past week/weekend!

here is a video of Dulany under her favorite place. You can always find her here.

here is a video of Dulany with her great aunt Susan (who looks like she should be her aunt!) and cousin preston making her laugh. She was laughing so hard you can't even hear her laugh! you have to listen kinda carefully.

here is a video of the trail we did on the four wheeler. There were TONS of puddles that we went through and it reminded me of my bro in law alex... i think he wouldve loved to do this trail!

she ALSO learned how to blow... we were blowing those birthday thingies and we would do it and then put it in her mouth and she would blow a little blow and nothing happened but we were pretty surprised... she actually got it to come al the way out. Here is a cute video of her trying, but when the camera is on, she knows to smile so she didn't do it but its still cute!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


We went to Ukiah this weekend and it was way fun! we camped in a trailer so that was nice because well, it rained.. haha. We got to play a ton of games, go on EARLY morning rides (like 3 hours long) looking for animals, go on 4 wheeler rides on fun long trails.. and so forth. It was nice to be with family thats for sure. We saw tons of elk and i did really good at finding them when we went on drives. when we went on our 4 wheeler trail, we were so close to some elk that were running from us but it was way neat. Grandma even saw a couger! (it was chasing elk which ran right past (our) grandpa roberts and then the cougar dropped right infront of him!)

We also found out that Dulany can fall asleep within seconds of being in grandpa's diesel truck. We had to take her on so many rides to get her to fall asleep since she was around everyone in the trailer and we couldn't be in another room. She also loved playing with her.. (like 3rd?) cousins. One of them is just a few weeks younger than Dulany and they had a ton of fun together. She loved laughing at/with them when playing with balloons. I also shot a gun for the first time. I only shot once. i THINK i may have hit a soda can! go me. Im not a fan of guns though. i was scared to even hold it. haha.

here are pics