Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Videos from Memorial Day Weekend

here are some videos from this past week/weekend!

here is a video of Dulany under her favorite place. You can always find her here.

here is a video of Dulany with her great aunt Susan (who looks like she should be her aunt!) and cousin preston making her laugh. She was laughing so hard you can't even hear her laugh! you have to listen kinda carefully.

here is a video of the trail we did on the four wheeler. There were TONS of puddles that we went through and it reminded me of my bro in law alex... i think he wouldve loved to do this trail!

she ALSO learned how to blow... we were blowing those birthday thingies and we would do it and then put it in her mouth and she would blow a little blow and nothing happened but we were pretty surprised... she actually got it to come al the way out. Here is a cute video of her trying, but when the camera is on, she knows to smile so she didn't do it but its still cute!


The Sabatini Family said...

Too cute!! Adam just watched the four wheeler video over and over about 100 times just now and is now throwing a fit because I told him we had to go to bed! :) It was fun skyping with you guys. Love ya.

Erin said...

Dulany has got to be the absolute CUTEST little girl I have ever seen!! :)