Tuesday, June 1, 2010


We went to Ukiah this weekend and it was way fun! we camped in a trailer so that was nice because well, it rained.. haha. We got to play a ton of games, go on EARLY morning rides (like 3 hours long) looking for animals, go on 4 wheeler rides on fun long trails.. and so forth. It was nice to be with family thats for sure. We saw tons of elk and i did really good at finding them when we went on drives. when we went on our 4 wheeler trail, we were so close to some elk that were running from us but it was way neat. Grandma even saw a couger! (it was chasing elk which ran right past (our) grandpa roberts and then the cougar dropped right infront of him!)

We also found out that Dulany can fall asleep within seconds of being in grandpa's diesel truck. We had to take her on so many rides to get her to fall asleep since she was around everyone in the trailer and we couldn't be in another room. She also loved playing with her.. (like 3rd?) cousins. One of them is just a few weeks younger than Dulany and they had a ton of fun together. She loved laughing at/with them when playing with balloons. I also shot a gun for the first time. I only shot once. i THINK i may have hit a soda can! go me. Im not a fan of guns though. i was scared to even hold it. haha.

here are pics

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