Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saturday Fun

Saturday was finally a nice day and seemed like i never stopped moving. First i had to clean the whole apartment and make some food for a baby shower i was having for Emily (who i grew up with and is married to Tom's cousin) She's due in August and the shower wwent pretty well! here are a few pics of everyoen who came.

then we got to go to Daddy's baseball game (it was finallyw arm out! YAY!) and we had her wear her Mariners Jersey (like a real jersey... thank you cat for getting it for her!).

here she is sporting the Mariners at daddys game.

finally around 7 after coming home, bathing Dulany, making dinner, cleaning up after the shower we got to relax.. only to have to deal with Dulany being sick.. again..with a cough. Ugh! Other than that it was a fun saturday!

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