Wednesday, June 16, 2010

this girl is accident prone!

Dulany has had a rough 2 days.... first on monday she slipped and fell and hit her head on the shelf on the bookshelf.. it started to bleed, i freaked out a little but she's fine! Here is a picture of that...

Then last night she hit her head smack down on the tile floor after trying to get on birthday packages we got from grandma and grandpa pease... haha here are pictures of her massive goose egg she got on the other side of her head. Poor girl!

In this picture you can see how swollen the bump is on the other side of her head

she's got the drugged out look down.... but you can see how bad it is!

But still happy cause Einstein is on!



The Beck Bunch said...

I would freak out a little also! Poor little thing, hopefully people won't think you beat your baby up?!

Jody and Alex said...

Oh Jess, you weren't kidding when you said she had a goose egg! Poor but she's stildang cute even with the big bump and cut on her head!

Michelle Starrs said...

oh my gosh! that bump is huge! i bet you were heart broken. but they heal so fast at this age i'm sure it'll be gone fast :) hazards of learning to walk!