Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1 Year Old!

1 year ago, at 11:40 am, Dulany Kay came into this world! is she seriously 1 already? they say it goes by fast, but not this fast! I feel like i just had her, but then again i feel like ive had her forever. Can't imagine our family with out her! She still gets pinches and nibbles on her cheeks from her daddy, of course. keep saying we want her to stop growing and be our baby forever...

she isn't doing that though... she's learning so fast and becoming smarter! she is starting to walk everywhere (well she takes like up to 10 steps then gives up and crawls) so by next week she'll probably be only walking! she LOVES to hear the abc's... and she wants to sing along too.. but her version goes "aayy eee eee " she loves peek a boo, patty cake, and "blowing kisses" (which she learned from her friend everett!)
She's already gotten birthday cards and gifts from family. She got some toys from Grandma and grandpa pease... here she is opening those.

Well, you can tell we're college students cause our present to her was her carseat haha. But she loves it! We also got her 2 new pair of shoes which we hope she'll actually wear.

Anywho, she doesnt have her appointment till tomorrow so we'll have to put her stats up later, but seriously....she went from this

to this!? She's growing too fast!

ps. look below for a post about her poor little head!

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Jody and Alex said...

those are cute outfits! Happy Birthday Dulany! Can't wait to see you soon!