Monday, February 28, 2011

i guess its time

to update.

we've been sick. and i hate being sick. nothing worse than being a sick mom who needs to take care of a toddler. And then giving that sickness to your toddler. Last week i started to feel not so good. I got a hoarse voice and i was feeling ok. Then wednesday came and bam it felt like i got hit by a bus. Every inch of me hurt. It even hurt when tom pinched my butt that morning (ok, sorry if tmi, its his way of showing he loves me) I never knew my butt could hurt. I couldn't move and i had the chills and my throat hurt. I was so glad i hadn't gotten stuffed up.. then it did happen. I've gone through so many tissues and I've lost my voice on and off. Now D is sick. She got a fever saturday night and still has one on and off (monday night) and has been coughing (mostly at night) so today we went to the doctor and she has a slight ear infection. First one she's ever had! and as for the cough, we just had to wait it out i suppose.

These past few nights have been awful and she's had to sleep with us and she doesnt want to eat (i know this is normal, but i mean today she's had a few pretzels, fruit snacks and half a yogurt and its 6:30. im not counting on her eating any dinner. does this pass!? i hope im not overreacting.. but D usually eats a TON!) But she's been taking naps with us. She actually fell asleep with daddy after he got home from church. This never happens. I think he liked it! Look how cute she is with her little hands!

And like i said before, it snowed! here are pictures of it from the inside since i was really sick and couldn't take her out in it. It didn't last long either. Today its been raining all day and the green is back.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


it snowed a few inches last night/this morning. No school for the schools here. This rarely happens in Oregon and this will probably be the only time it snows this winter.

So excited for D. to play in it. Too bad I'm fighting the flu right now....

so lets pray it sticks around till Tom gets home in a few hours.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Dancing Queen and Pretty Pretty Princess

Dulany likes to go into the bathroom and get all my hair products and stack them up and pretend to use them on herself. Its kinda cute! I caught a little of it on camera (note, at the end she started making grunting noises and thought it was funny, as did i!)

last night we went to grandma and grandpas house for games. In her old room (now the storage/craft room) there is a stereo and she loves to turn it on and dance! (her words danths! danths!) so we caught it on camera. In this song, when dixie chicks belt out a long note, she would open her mouth wide open and not even sing just have it open. it was quite funny! (as yous ee in the end, she even tilted her head back with her mouth wide open) She LOVES to dance! she's not very coordinated which makes it even more cute

(ps. late Vday video below!)

Valentine in the Mail

Gramma and Grampa pease sent D a valentine package and she LOVED it. it came with a stuffed teddy bear, stickers (her favorite) and some chocolate covered (what looked like animal crackers?) and she loved it all! especially opening it. Here is the video:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Welcome Home!

Welcome home Sister Roberts!! Tom's sister Julie just got back from her 19 month church mission in the mid-west. She came home on Tuesday night and we all gathered at the airport to welcome her home with signs and balloons....

too bad they got in 20 minutes early and we made it just in time (traffic was horrible) but we were sitting down waiting for 5:30 to roll around when their flight came in so we could 'set up' but while sitting, tom started saying "they're here!" we were like what? and then he said just kidding (he always does this, and we always believe him.) so when he said it again "THEY"RE HERE!" we were like no... and he said "seriously! they're right htere, i saw dads orange coat!" so we turned around and there they were..

sorry Julie! haha wish we were in "formation" but we got into it afterwards and got a few good shots. We're so glad she's home! It'll be the first time since May '08 since we'll have all the family together this coming may when bonnie, jason adam and baby niccole come to visit! we're so excited.

here are pictures from the airport!

P.S. - Dulany turned 20 months yesterday! (on the 16th) - only 4 more months to go and she will be 2 years old. I never imagined I would say "im a mother of a 2 year old". Sigh....

Monday, February 14, 2011

she's a roberts!

The Roberts clan have no butts...haha its just a fact. Dulany got daddy's genes and she has a little itty bum. Its too cute though. Even with a big diaper on she's always sporting the plumbers crack.
today i put her in a onsie, which i haven't done in a LONG time (she only owns 2 right now) and even with it on, her pants sag and you can see bum crack THROUGH her onsie. Yup, she's def. a roberts!

ps another new post below!

chocolaty sprinkled donut.

Tom brought home donuts on saturday morning. I haven't had donuts in forever. Maybe because they aren't my most favorite thing in the world. I would probably chose a bowl of cheerios over a chocolaty frosted donut with sprinkles. D saw it though and she wanted a few bites but she HAD to hold it. of course. So I let her have some. She sure did enjoy it even though she only took a few bites (thank goodness, i was sure i would have to rip it out of her hands with her throwing a tantrum, but she didn't!).

and of course, she has to have her little fingers up while she eats it, as my sis said, like a little lady!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Peek-a-boo and Caterpillar

here is a video of dulany playing peek-a-boo. She tries to say it (as you can see) but mostly just says 'booo'

here is a video of her reading. She likes to go in the corner between the couches and infront of the bookshelf. We put our blankets ther so she likes to lay on them and read. And hide when we come out of the bathroom with her toothbrush haha.

Lately she's been obsessed with The very hungry caterpillar book that her aunt bonnie got her. Randomly at church we had it and she said 'Cat-pillar' - tom and i both looked at each other and said 'did she just say caterpillar?!' - well she now says it like a pro and i caught it on video

ps, incase you didnt see her other long video - check it out below!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

my smart girl.

here is a video of Dulany doing a whole lot of things...

her new thing: singing to Barney's "I Love You" - she's obsessed with Barney.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


A few weeks ago we had a RS activity about FHE and it got me thinking that we really do need to start doing it now that Dulany knows what prayer is and everything. (for those who don'tknow. our church encourages us to have FHE - family home evening once a week where we can have a lesson/activity just time for our families to get together so we can grow together).so after reading sad blogs about trials people were going through, i realized that i have it good in life. I don't know why I complain about the little things when there are people in this world going through HORRIBLE things yet they are so optimistic and strong and have so much faith! So i decided i was going to make a "count your blessings" board and every week for FHE we were going to start over on the blessings we have received through out the week. This picture is just of main things i thought of when i made it. It doesn't look like how i wanted it to... but oh well, it'll work for now!

we also decided to go out for icecream after we wrote our new list. We then realized, we might as well get our own icecream to bring home since it would be cheaper. This way, Dulany got her own PINK ice cream cone! it even matched her outfit..

now if you look closely, and in one picture you can see that Dulany lifts her last 2 fingers whenever she eats something. it's too funny but i realized she gets it from her daddy. whenever he would drink something he would lift his two fingers and i always made fun of him. Now its just so stinkin cute when Dulany does it!

here are some pictures with her own 'i cream ' cone.

ps 2 NEW posts below!!

An Apple a Day..

This little girl LOVES her fruits and veggies (still working on meats, although she ate all of her bbq chicken last night!) she saw daddy eatting an apple today before going back to work and she HAD to have it, so he gave it to her to have a bite and it was too funny, she wouldn't let him have it back!

blowing kisses to dadda when he left
waving goodbye!

big bites!

Cheese ball!!

i AM grateful she loves eatting healthy (although she is like her mamma and likes 'yummy!' sweets too.. but trust me i wouldn't give her yummy stuff if she didn't eat so well on the healthy side!)

Sick Girl

D and I have had runny/stuffy noses this past week. ive been laying on the couch.. i got up to get something, she steals my comfy spot. She likes to crawl into our bed and tuck herself under our covers so she did just that on my spot on the couch!

she def. has a personality when she's mad/upset/happy/whatever! its too funny.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This weeks Menu

Im mainly doing this for me. Because since we moved, i haven't gotten my little Menu pad I used to have on my fridge. I always write my menu and the groceries i need to buy for the week... then i end up losing it. and forgetting what i planning to make.... so here it is.

Tuesday (today): Leftover Cream cheese chicken potato soup (had it last night, so yummy)- D and I aren't feeling well, which means no cooking for me and I don't need to go to the store till tomorrow.

Wednesday: BBQ chicken Cobb Salad (haven't made it before but it looks darn delish!) found HERE

Thursday: Marinated chicken breast with scalloped potatoes and green beans (i just use a marinade from the store)

Friday: BBQ Chicken Pizza - Toms fav.. mine not so much.

Saturday: Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Sunday: SUPERBOWL - which easily means chili and baked potatoes!

Monday: Chicken Salad (aka salad with grilled chicken on top)

Tuesday: Crockpot BBQ chicken w/ scalloped potatoes (we love scalloped potatoes!)

Wednesday: (my stepmom's) Meatloaf (so good, too bad it's not even a recipe. its a whip it together by taste sort of thing, and im surprised i get it right every time!) w/ mashed potatoes and side salad

Thursday: Ground turkey taco salad (notice we're eating a lot of salads? TRYING to be healthy!)

Friday: (my mother in law's) Lasagna and side salad (this is the ONLY lasagna i will eat... ask my family. i hated lasagna growing up!)

then come saturday ill make tom go with me to make a big shopping trip.

and can i just say, i LOOOVE having WINCO 5-10 minutes away? I love not having to make a 30 minute drive to go save money!