Monday, February 28, 2011

i guess its time

to update.

we've been sick. and i hate being sick. nothing worse than being a sick mom who needs to take care of a toddler. And then giving that sickness to your toddler. Last week i started to feel not so good. I got a hoarse voice and i was feeling ok. Then wednesday came and bam it felt like i got hit by a bus. Every inch of me hurt. It even hurt when tom pinched my butt that morning (ok, sorry if tmi, its his way of showing he loves me) I never knew my butt could hurt. I couldn't move and i had the chills and my throat hurt. I was so glad i hadn't gotten stuffed up.. then it did happen. I've gone through so many tissues and I've lost my voice on and off. Now D is sick. She got a fever saturday night and still has one on and off (monday night) and has been coughing (mostly at night) so today we went to the doctor and she has a slight ear infection. First one she's ever had! and as for the cough, we just had to wait it out i suppose.

These past few nights have been awful and she's had to sleep with us and she doesnt want to eat (i know this is normal, but i mean today she's had a few pretzels, fruit snacks and half a yogurt and its 6:30. im not counting on her eating any dinner. does this pass!? i hope im not overreacting.. but D usually eats a TON!) But she's been taking naps with us. She actually fell asleep with daddy after he got home from church. This never happens. I think he liked it! Look how cute she is with her little hands!

And like i said before, it snowed! here are pictures of it from the inside since i was really sick and couldn't take her out in it. It didn't last long either. Today its been raining all day and the green is back.


Jody and Alex said...

Sorry you guys are still fun. Love the pictures of her sleeping and the one of her pointing out the window-miss her too much!

The Sabatini Family said...

Don't worry, she'll get her appetite back. That's a normal day for Adam though, so I had to laugh that you are worried about it! :) I wish Adam ate!! I'm sorry you guys have been so sick. That is so miserable. Get better soon!

Jeff and Lauren said...

She is about the cutest thing ever! I'm sorry that you guys haven't been feeling well, that is never fun! We sure do miss you guy though! It seems like everyone is moving out now (including us in April). Ava misses her little friends.