Monday, February 14, 2011

she's a roberts!

The Roberts clan have no butts...haha its just a fact. Dulany got daddy's genes and she has a little itty bum. Its too cute though. Even with a big diaper on she's always sporting the plumbers crack.
today i put her in a onsie, which i haven't done in a LONG time (she only owns 2 right now) and even with it on, her pants sag and you can see bum crack THROUGH her onsie. Yup, she's def. a roberts!

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The Sabatini Family said...

I wanna pinch it! :) And, she is a true blue Roberts with that cute bum!!

The Beck Bunch said...

That is so funny! Molly has a tiny bum too, the only way I can keep a lot of her pants on are by putting her in cloth diapers.