Thursday, February 3, 2011


A few weeks ago we had a RS activity about FHE and it got me thinking that we really do need to start doing it now that Dulany knows what prayer is and everything. (for those who don'tknow. our church encourages us to have FHE - family home evening once a week where we can have a lesson/activity just time for our families to get together so we can grow together).so after reading sad blogs about trials people were going through, i realized that i have it good in life. I don't know why I complain about the little things when there are people in this world going through HORRIBLE things yet they are so optimistic and strong and have so much faith! So i decided i was going to make a "count your blessings" board and every week for FHE we were going to start over on the blessings we have received through out the week. This picture is just of main things i thought of when i made it. It doesn't look like how i wanted it to... but oh well, it'll work for now!

we also decided to go out for icecream after we wrote our new list. We then realized, we might as well get our own icecream to bring home since it would be cheaper. This way, Dulany got her own PINK ice cream cone! it even matched her outfit..

now if you look closely, and in one picture you can see that Dulany lifts her last 2 fingers whenever she eats something. it's too funny but i realized she gets it from her daddy. whenever he would drink something he would lift his two fingers and i always made fun of him. Now its just so stinkin cute when Dulany does it!

here are some pictures with her own 'i cream ' cone.

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Jody and Alex said...

So so so so cute. I especially love those pics of her eating the apple.

Scott & Traci said...

Super cute Count Your Blessings Board! And Dulany is so beautiful! She seems like so much fun :)