Friday, January 24, 2014

18 months

The boys turned 18 months on the 16th of this month.

i have been HORRIBLE updating on their progress. If i can even sit down and type this out with out interruption would be a miracle. But that wont happen!

nope. i didnt even make it this far... sigh..

anyways... 18 months!  we just had a wic appt and kemp was 26 pounds and colton was 24! K is also an inch taller. 

they're running around like crazy.
They are mimicking sounds of animals 
their favorite books are Brown Bear Brown Bear and The Napping House
They LOVE starfall
They love to watch Super Why on the dvd player in the car. 
They LOVE to go outside. they hate coming inside (see next post ...)
THey love the bath...s ometimes we take 3 baths a day because they love it and entertains them... we cant wait to go swimming this summer!
Colton finally stopped taking a bottle a few months back. YAY
Kemp can play by himself amazingly. I will catch him just reading a book or playing with something on his own.
He also has the highest pitched scream i have ever heard. He does it when he's happy but when hes really mad. Whew. better cover those ears.
Colton - colton is a mamma's boy. He jsut wants to be held all the time or sit in my lap. its a little exhausting because i obviously cant do that all day!
They are now down to 1 nap in the afternoon.
they love to go on walks
they've gotten a few haircuts, their hair grows so fast and into mullet type styles. They are due for one this weekend.
These boys wrastle.  a lot. and fight over toys. a lot.
they love to say uh oh and its the cutest thing.
they can be best friends though... i often find them laughing hysterically at each other while they play in their cribs when trying to nap. Its adorable. 

and most importantly - they are nursery official. That means i get a break. Not. literally 10 minutes after dropping them off into Nursery i got a calling...

ill post about that one later

this is REALLY how my kids are when i try to get a picture. 

sums it up pretty good!

Happy 18 months boys!!

sooner then we know it you'll be 2.... yikes!

Also - i just posted an insanely long post about what weve been up tpot the past month. Check it out!!

The Past Month...

in phone pictures. I got a smart phone for christmas. The one reason i wanted it was so i could take pictures and put them right onto facebook/email/message. Im loving it! i get to take more pictures of everyday life with the kids unlike before wheni only had my huge camera that only stays at home.

anyways - here is our life in phone pictures! prepare for a LOT!

this is one of the boys toys they got for chrismtas that we finally got out! 

this is coltons favorite. He has to have daddy let him dunk though. This was actually a video but for eveyrone else to get the idea!

this little man is such a cuddle bug. The only one out of the 3.

we've been playing outside a lot! 

they love the trampoline!

we have this cement wall on the side of our house. i dont know why i never thought to do chalk on it!
D wrote her name really well!

these two love playing with the doggy door!

this girl loves hopscotch! she loves to do it backwards too.

did i mention our backyard is a jungle? i love that everything is so green in the winter here. But whew. very wet and muddy.

more in action trampoline fun with balls

we've been trying to go on a walk daily. even if its a little cold. The sun has been out in the afternoon this past week and its been super nice! too abd the rain is supposed to start next week.

This kid got caught eating dirt.. yum.

one day while walking (it was sunny and like 50 degrees, amazing!) D stood up on this little thing and said "im camouflage" haha hilarious.

this is her "mermaid rock" she will sit on it like a mermaid and act out the movie.

this is how our weather is. In the morning its insanely foggy. then all of a sudden the sun appears. then the sun starts to go down and that HUGE cloud comes over the mountain and it gets foggy again.

this is what it looks liek when we come inside from the cold!

first we have a little meltdown...

then we get into a warm bubble bath. i LOVE kemps face in this one!

And colton has learned to "swim" in the tub!

we also had dentist appointments. For mommy and daddy. We were wating for daddy and D wanted to show me how he needed to open his mouth to show his teeth.

one day that daddy was home - they all climbed up and did starfall.

and then they made a fort!

we also forgot to post our picture of our "snowfridgeman" we do this every year! we love it.

We also did WildLife Safari one day. They have a drive through part to see all the big animals but its expensive! they have a free "village" part where we can walk around. i was impressed!! 

D has not been a big fan of her room lately. she only wants to fall asleep in our bed or with us on the couch. its exhausting. We need to get this figured out!

these boys are constantly practicing for WWE Smackdown... its crazy... whew. double trouble was right!

D's new favorite game! 

Sometimes we go visit daddy at lunch! the kids love it. And so do i.

I thought we lost a ton of the boys pants at his parents house. Little did i know they were hiding behind the crib. I forget when C takes his pants off during nap times....

this was one morning. all the kids climbed onto the table. This picture makes D look SO old!

One day i ventured out with all the kids to Fred Meyer to get a toy organizer/shelf thing. These carts saved me. Not only that, but they had like 10 of them unlike other stores. It was awesome.

This little girl has been a little obsessed with fashion shows lately. Firs tshe would watch Project Runway with me and get mad if they didnt make a dress. then she got the Barbie Fashion Fairy Tale dvd for christmas and now has to put on fashion shows for us with a runway and all... this was one night of many different accessories. 

Daddy also started coaching Boys Basketball. we went to a game last week. Yum popcorn!

then we came home and Colton got a bloody nose, his first one. there was blood everywhere.

We're trying to keep busy during the winter.... its a little hard in this town. we did have  aplay date. Ive gotten so desperate to the point where i made a "play group" page on our local momslist and invited anyone (and everyone pretty much who i didnt know) into my home to have a play date. Last week we had about 5 kids come and 3 moms. it was fun! Im going to try to keep this an ongoing thing.... hopefully then the kids and i can make some friends!