Wednesday, January 1, 2014


This post is all about christmas eve/christmas morning! There is another post after this about all the other stuff we did while at grandma/grandpas house!

D did a nativity scene in primary the sunday before we left and so she was REALLY into putting on a show for everyone. She got all dressed up like Mary one day with a baby doll (Jesus) and so we decided on Christmas Eve we would skype with Bonnie so Niccole and ADam could be Joseph and the angel. Little did D know... Adam was staying in NY... she thought he was coming to grandma's house and was VERY upset. poor girl. We can't wait for them to hopefully be closer next year and make it for Christmas! Its been 18 months since we've seen them last! (and thats not ok! haha)

Colton, Kemp and Paysen were supposed to be the 3 wisemen. Colton didnt mind putting his blanket on his head - because he does it all the time. K and P? not so much! haha

Mary and Ayla the Angel

Christmas Eve!

the kiddos opened 1 gift each. D wanted the pink one of course!

grandma and grandpa got all the grandson's these (with their names on it too!)

ok. it seriously took me FOREVER to get D in the bath and then i remembered that she had a new nightgown. That did the trick!

Santa's cookies and milk and Milk for Rudolph

camden wanted a picture too!

and paysen!

these were the Bailey's gifts (did i mention that they had a big sleepover too!? that was so much fuN!)

the Miller Family pile (seriously love the little recliner!)

the roberts family pile! (tom said his family always had gifts from santa unwrapped and in piles, thats the tradition!)

D's big present! This si seriously so fun! i was more excited about her getting it i think!

D's pile with the stockings


the boys pile (i found the little golf set last minute on christmas eve! I knew tom would love it too)

Christmas Morning! 

santa left some snow from his boots when he came!

here are all the gifts being opened!

i must say we had a VERY successful Christmas!! 

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Jody and Alex said...

So fun! The trucks with their names on them are super cute. Love Lany and all her posing!