Thursday, May 28, 2009

I should NOT be allowed out of the house...

... seriously. Today should explain it enough...

First, i decide to go for a walk at Porter Park... and considering i am huge, and i can't walk up hill, i decide to drive there and walk around the park where it is all level. Well, as i go out to my car with my wallet and phone/headphones... i realize my keys are in the house, with the door locked. Geez, not again. Luckily we live on the first floor and the bedroom window was unlocked from it being open last night> So just imagine an 8 month preggo woman climbing through a window in the back of an apartment (i guess it couldve been over the bushes into the front room, so i wont complain!).

fast foward a few hours, i need to go to walmart to pick up a few things. I go to check out and realize crap... i forgot my wallet on the table from when i brought it back from taking my walk... luckily i had my check book with me and they didnt ask for ID.. But seriously. i NEVER leave with out my wallet/license. NEVER. I swear im losing it. Then on the drive home im in stinkin la la land i almost bump... not crash cause it was ilke 2 miles per hour.. into the car infront of me.. but luckily i caught myself..

i swear, i am losing it. So i needed to go to t he store, so i had to go BACK home and get my wallet> i only got a few things (two bag fulls, strawberries, cereal, and yogurt...not that big of a deal) and i guess the employees were either really bored or i looked like i wasnt capable of doing anything myself... they helped put all the things on the thing and then continued to help me take them to my car... it felt kinda awkward, i am not going to lie.

But yes, if this all happens in ONE day... i dont even want to know what other stupid things ill do in the few weeks to come. Yay pregnancy brain.... Oh did i mention i FORGOT to go to my appointment (2 hours after i was supposed to be there) the other day as well? Geezzzzz

Saturday, May 23, 2009

More like a home.

For some reason (maybe its because im pregnant, maybe because im BORED most of the time) but ive been wanting a garden like NONE other! I would love to have my own house with a hard where i could garden, but yeah, we all know thats not gonna happen for quite awhile! Luckily we live downstairs and we have a little 'garden area' with a few dead bushes under our window and right outside our door. I asked if we were allowed to plant flowers and what not there and they said we could as long as it 'enhances' the apartment complex. well... lets just say it was dang ugly before and now it makes me more happy because of the flowers i planted. Not to mention, i just planted the big pot of mums tom gave me for mothers day. i hope they last cause i have NO idea about flowers (Not like my stepmom, pam... she knows EVERYTHING and always has flowers/plants all over our porch and outside our house, definitely something i miss!) Just thought I would share my... i guess you could say 'gardening project'. I guess it makes me feel like this apartment we're staying in temporarily is more like a home.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

can i just say...


Ive always hated them since having them in our apartment. Yeah, sure they are nice looking but a pain in the YOU KNOW WHAT to clean! holy cow! im so used to linolium or whatever it is called and that is pretty easy to clean. There are too many ridges and what not in these tiles they are impossible to clean all the way. We got the swiffer sweeper (which is awesome to pick up hair .. mostly in the bathroom, not so much extra dirt. Then we got the Clorox (wondering if we shouldve stuck to the swiffer wet jet for an extra few bucks) and that didnt work either... ok maybe a little bit. So THEN i bought the swiffer wet mop cloths to stick on the swiffer sweeper.. eh, it worked a little. all... FAIL!

Lets just say, after today, after 2 (what USED to be all white dish clothes) and half a bottle of Mr. Clean multi-purpose cleaner (with fabreeze, smeells delish!)i got down on my hands and knees and cleaned every single tile on our kitchen floor. I have yet to do the bathroom or hallway tiles... those will have to wait!HOLY COW though.. they finally got clean. Can you guys tell a difference?

Can you see the difference between the tiles i cleaned on my knees compared to the ones i TRIED to clean with every mop!?

... from infomercials and what i saw on a news 'Buy it and Try it'... I want THIS!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


We finally found a travel system. Ive been wanting this certain one for awhile but its only available online and not found in any stores and i didnt want to have to pay for shipping and handling. So tonight we went to idaho falls to Toys R Us and we found this one. All the neutral ones were eh... ok but out of our price range. We found this one and i really like the pattern although it is brown and blue.. and some blue trimming. We figure itll be ok for a girl and as long as she is in girly clothes nobody will notice. Here are some pictures. (I really hope it isnt TOO boyish, but tom keeps reassuring me that it isnt...)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

32 Weeks

I am 32 weeks (well yesterday) and so its that time.. belly pic update. In these pics it makes me look like I have a bump in my stomach because of my pants the way they are.. i swear, i dont have a lumpy stomach!

today i finally broke down and bought a heating pad that i can put in the microwave to heat or in the freezer to cool (will be extremely nice when i get headaches again!)My back has been hurting me SOOO Bad lately. I would die for a great prenatal massage but they are pricey! Also, ive been starting to get acid reflux (usually just at night) where ill wake up and can feel it coming up and burning in my throat. I get really tired of waking up to it. And then there is my moodiness. I think it hit really bad this week and tom has definitely noticed. I am just irritated at EVERYTHING and it seems like its ALL the time. I dont know! im ready for that to be over. Ive started to go walking (which is amazing for those who really know me, because i NEVER exercise, what so ever) and so considering this is the first time im actually making an effort to exercise.. in my 8th month, thats pretty sad! I did order a prenatal yoga dvd which will hopefully help my back.

I had a doctors appointment on tuesday and my belly measured well (although when an intern was in there and i said 'oh well , you get to look at my big belly, the nurse said 'haha, you still dont even have that big of a belly') and the heartbeat was good (around 140.. cant remember exactly). I've gained a total of 24 lbs as well which is good. I was thinking about how weird it was for me to step on the scale and be a lot bigger than i usually am and how i wish i wouldnt gain as much weight as some.. but realized, hey as long as its between 25-35, its the norm yeah?! And, i guess it all matters on how fast you lose weight. I was talking to people who gained TONS Of weight and then lost it all within the first week after delivering so at this point, i dont care! I just think ive been thinking about it because ive never had a problem with trying to lose weight before (aka... thats why i never work out and hate it!)

well, 8 more weeks to go, and its kinda freaking me out and im getting more nervous and anxious. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and we will be ready!

Friday, May 8, 2009


I just thought i would let everyone know that i apologize for the stupid soulja boy song on my slide show down there that happens to play EVERY time you go to this page.... I dont know how to take it off... and i hate him. and that song. So if you know how to take it off, let me know!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

80 degree weather + Slurpee = amazing

I just figured I would write a post about how i made a last minute random day trip to Utah to visit jody and alex (my sis and bro in law) while tom is on his IBC Camping trip.. i thought to myself last night, i should just drive down to utah instead of having absolutely NOTHING to do for the next few days... and then i thought, why the heck didnt i think about this early this morning when tom left? So i stayed the night in the apartment by myself (for the first time.... i mean ive stayed away from him for a week but iw as in my house back home) so it was kinda scary but it was all good, i kept myself pretty busy. He's camping away and so i drove down here this morning and got here at 9am, and i have to leave tomorrow by 1 to get home in time for tom's first baseball game.

i Just wanted to say, it is currently 75-80 degrees, sunny, slight breeze, and i just drank a HUGE slurpee, and it was DELISH! I just feel bad for tom because i looked up the weather where he is camping and it said thunderstorms the whole time. Yikes. Hope he isnt getting too wet!!