Thursday, May 7, 2009

80 degree weather + Slurpee = amazing

I just figured I would write a post about how i made a last minute random day trip to Utah to visit jody and alex (my sis and bro in law) while tom is on his IBC Camping trip.. i thought to myself last night, i should just drive down to utah instead of having absolutely NOTHING to do for the next few days... and then i thought, why the heck didnt i think about this early this morning when tom left? So i stayed the night in the apartment by myself (for the first time.... i mean ive stayed away from him for a week but iw as in my house back home) so it was kinda scary but it was all good, i kept myself pretty busy. He's camping away and so i drove down here this morning and got here at 9am, and i have to leave tomorrow by 1 to get home in time for tom's first baseball game.

i Just wanted to say, it is currently 75-80 degrees, sunny, slight breeze, and i just drank a HUGE slurpee, and it was DELISH! I just feel bad for tom because i looked up the weather where he is camping and it said thunderstorms the whole time. Yikes. Hope he isnt getting too wet!!

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C H R I S T I N E said...

All your slurpee talk makes me so jelous.