Thursday, May 31, 2012

27 weeks and D's favorites

 D LOVES this pink dress. obsessed. she wants to wear it every day and even refuses to take it off when she goes to bed. there has been a few (BIG) tantrums over this dress when i try to take it off. So the other day she found her dress up necklaces and wanted her pink dress of course. so i let her wear get it and put it on and she said "take pictures mommy!" so i had to get my camera out and take thousands of pictures. Maybe this is a sign i could actually maybe get good pictures of her? oh wait, im on bed rest. can't do that. LAME!

She's pretty darn cute if i do say so myself!

So while at home and trying to stay down most of the day - painting has become one of D's favorite things to do. (along with play dough.) I feel bad because i can't really go take her outside to play. One i cant chase after her. I could go take her just outside that door right there and sit and watch her play - but thats where everyone likes to smoke... ALL.. Day. Ewe.

Luckily Kaylee picks her up for an hour -2 a day to play with Miss Ayla. And when Tom is done student teaching in 2 weeks he can take her in the mornings before he does baseball (he's head coaching summer ball for a select team of high school students.)

And today marks 27 weeks pregnant. Seems crazy. I havent been having many contractions so i moved home on thursday night while everyone went camping. I was doing fine going up and down stairs so i figured id be ok here. Last night i started to have some contractions (more then usual for the past few weeks) and i blame it on dehydration since i hadnt had like anything to drink all day- and they stopped by the time i went to sleep so my goal is to keep drinking lots of water and hopefully thats it. Im praying its not the stairs. 

here is a shot of one of the babies (either baby A's bum or B's head..?) poking out. You can tell my stmach is getting lots of new stretchmarks. But these boys LOVE to move and poke and roll around. I have never been so amazed to see how much i can see them from the outside. I saw D occasionally but wow. i see them daily!

anyways - babies weigh about 2 lbs and are size of a head of cauliflower. that is huge!

Monday, May 28, 2012


 I noticed new stretch marks this morning, so i figured id take a picture on iphoto- wow! then i went back and looked at my last pregnancy pic with D... yeah im already getting that big! Wow.
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

26 weeks

Today I went in to my high risk ob for another appointment. We got a cervical check (which my cervix has shortened since last visit 2 weeks ago but is still closed, whew!) and we got to see baby boys again! That is definitely one perk to being high risk. so many ultrasounds! This time baby B flipped from having his head on my right side to having his head on my left - while baby A is more head down and to the right - like they are on bunk beds.
anyways - i guess they really are wanting to suck - cause baby A was sucking his toes while baby B was trying to suck on his hands. So cute. Glad she got us pictures.

I also had my glucose test - yuck. First of all - the drink wasn't that bad, but drinking it in under 10 minutes with nothing in my stomach made me feel a little sick. But it made me feel like i was drinking flat orange soda. 

And i passed. Thank goodness!

here are some pics!

ALSO! in case you didn't hear - i won the crib bedding set from Carousel Designs from the contest on - it came in the mail today! So excited. Its a 4 piece set that retails to almost $400! its insane! I remember seeing THIS set online for the contest and thought - oh man i so wish i could have that, would go perfect with the color scheme.

so when i got the email - i almost wet myself - seriously. out of 1000's of enteries i won!? this is the 3rd online giveaway ive won in the past few years. pretty awesome if i do say so myself!
(now if only they would give me everything in that room!)

I go back in 2 more weeks for another u/s etc --- 

still on level 2 bedrest - said to keep doing what ive been doing since my contractions have slowed down to 0-3 a day in the past 2 weeks.

And we're sad that this happened now - cause as we speak the whole family is headed to Ukiah (eastern Oregon) to go camping for Memorial Day Weekend - so sad we're missing it.

but it will be nice to be just us 3 together all weekend at our apartment. Lots of relaxing!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wanna See the Boys!?

First off - in case you didnt see - i did a 24 week post below this post with belly pics, etc....

I just came home to our house for the night so i was able to scan the u/s pics we got yesterday!

here they are!

 (its crazy you can already see their face, and its not even a 3d u/s)

 (can you see that his leg is right infront of his face? he must be VERY squished in there!)
(Twin B (left) is waving to Twin A - who's head is on the right)

24 Weeks

Yesterday I had my 24 week appointment with the high risk OB. I knew I was getting a cervical length u/s to make sure my contractions weren't shortening my cervix and they weren't. my cervix actually was longer than in the hospital so thats good news. Also i haven't been having too many contractions. Only 4-6 a day since getting home and yesterday i only had 2 (which were due to full bladder). I asked if my bladder had anything to do with it or being constipated since it seemed like thats when they would come, and he said yes contractions through out the day can be caused by the pressure of the bladder but not cause contractions that would cause labor. So im hoping just the bladder is the thing thats triggering it. We go in in 2 weeks to check again and see how my contractions are and we will see. 
We also were able to get another growth u/s done and see the boys and how they were growing. We didnt know we were going to get one this visit so that was nice! I didn't realize how big they were until the u/s tech was going from the bottom of my belly to the top with one baby. We also didnt realize how close the two were until we saw this picture of them looking at each other. Im not going to lie. Totally got teary eyed! It was just too cute!

Also in 2 weeks I get to do that glucose test. Yuck. I never had to do it with Dulany so it's my first time. And so not looking forward to it.

alright here are 24 week pictures!

baby boys looking at each other

24 week belly shots. (and please excuse the bad pics from photobooth on the computer! haha i dont have a camera here!)

yesterday before my dr's appointment. D had to be in the picture as well. Excuse the no make up look!

and for fun, and my records - 24 week update on pregnancy:

How Far Along Are You: 24 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: up 8 lbs from pre pregnancy weight and 21 lbs from my lowest weight this pregnancy with losing the first 13.

How Big are Your Babies? Size of an Ear of CORN - we actually got their weights. 1lb8oz and 1lb10oz and about a foot long.

Maternity Clothes: yes for sure. Even G's -  my tummy is definitenly getting bigger!

Stretch Marks: not any new ones and surprisingly my old ones are pretty faded.

Sleep: im so congested, sleep is hard. and im starting the "have to pee every few hours"

Best Moment This Week: seeing the boys this week on another u/s and seeing how close they are (see pic above!)

Movements: ohhh yeah. they are dancing and movin and groovin!

Food Cravings: cherry pepsi - AHH this will be the death of me. I was doing so well not drinking it until now!

Food Aversions: mmm ... not anything i can think of at the moment. Tried to do spaghetti one night and couldnt. so maybe still that.

Labor Signs: Yup - was admitted to the hospital this past weekend (5/3-5/6) for pre-term contractions. NOT fun! and scary. Now on bed rest

Belly Button in or out?: its starting to disappear.

Miss Anything?: yes. not being able to go take D out to play or run to the store.

What I'm Looking Foward To: getting off bed rest!

Sunday, May 6, 2012


in case you didn't hear...

wednesday night i was watching a movie with tom when i was laying flat on my back on the couch. i started to feel some braxton hicks. But i realized they were happening one right after the other. I read that if you get more then 4 an hour - to call your dr. so i laid on my side and drank a bottle of water and then i went to bed. I woke up feeling fine but had a feeling i needed to call my dr to make sure. She said if they went away, just keep watching out for them and she would call me back. well not an hour later i started to get them again. and they kept coming back to back and a nurse called right after it happened and she said it would probably be best to come in and get monitored.
so i dropped D off with Kaylee and leslie and figured it was probably nothing and drove myself 30 minutes to my dr's office and got hooked up. Well - they kept coming. they werent painful, just uncomfortable. They checked my cervix and it was a little soft and only fingertip dilated (less than a 1). they told me that i needed to go to St. Vincent's hospital and id probably be looking at at LEAST an over night stay and would get something to stop the contractions.
i had a little meltdown.
1. tom wasnt with me (but i called him and met him there)
2. i left D thinking i would be back in 2 hours and didn't get to really say goodbye or leave stuff with kaylee and leslie for a long term stay.
3. would i go into labor?

Well i arrived and tom met me there and and i was hooked up and the contractions started to hurt a little bit -and they were coming every 2-4 minutes. They hooked me up to an IV and got me fluids, and magnesium which is quite powerful stuff. I had never felt so drugged up in my life. Well the contractions started slowing down - spreading further apart and then after being on it for around 36 hours they took it off. Along with the monitor that caught contractions.

well not two hours later i felt one... and then another one... and another one - 15 minutes apart. Then they were coming back a few minutes apart and my back was killling me and they were more painful. They checked my cervix and no change - thank goodness. They told me to take a quick QUICK shower and then gave me oxicodine (i cant spell that!) to help with the pain and i was able to rest and they started to go away. This morning i only had a few contractions through out the night and they said that can be normal with a twin pregnancy as long asi t wasnt more than 4 an hour or back to back contractions.

so im finally home, but will now have to be on bedrest for 12 weeks (until 35 weeks). I really dont know how ill handle it but it could be a whole lot worse. I've moved in with tom's parents for now because I can't go up and down stairs all day to use the bathroom (our apartment) and will have help from kaylee during the day. Im so thankful that we have family nearby to help. Otherwise i don't know what I would do.

Im grateful my boys are safe too. theyve been movin and groovin and kicking a ton. They just need to stay in for a little while longer (ok a lot longer!)

Thanks for all those who prayed and fasted for us as well. it means a lot!

heres to being 23 weeks and having 12 more weeks of bedrest.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


my child is driving me bonkers today (ok for the last few days). She is definitely turning 3 next month. 3 is definitely going to be harder then 2 - just like everyone has said. I don't even know what "terrible two's" are because she was a pretty good kid. Now i just hear whining and tantrums and "mommy, you make me sad" because i dont give in to what she wants....

sigh....this + double the hormones = a few meltdowns.

this morning was probably the toughest. From waking up to having accidents in her clothes to getting upset because she couldn't sit in the chair with pee in it, to not wanting cereal for breakfast to cousin ayla can't come to the park with us... etc.... im not in the mood.

im tempted to have yet another "movie" day..... i figured I cleaned on monday, yesterday i did 2 weeks worth of laundry - today i can just to not do anything and let my child's brain rot while she watches hours of Sprout and Disney movies. Sigh....

i WILL take her to the park today since its the only day it wont rain this week.. thank you Oregon. Its MAY! 50 degrees with no sun is not what i call Spring. But i will manage.

the end. thank goodness for the blog to let me vent with out annoying my sister and husband by going on and on! hhaha

here is a picture of D on monday after she threw a few tantrums. They wore her out.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

let's hear it for the boys!

(cant help but sing the song from footloose with that title...!)

first of all - when did it become MAY!? yikes! these past couple of months have gone by so fast and this pregnancy is flying by. And next month my baby girl will be turning 3!

anyways, back to my post! - we have no idea where we will be living when these boys make their arrival... we dont know if we'll still be in oregon, if we'll be in another state - no idea.... therefor i can't really "Nest" and decorate a room for them.

pinterest is also of the devil. Makes me so jealous that i dont have the money or a room to make into a nursery for these boys - and they are ADORABLE rooms.

so i came up with a color scheme for the room (and there is a possibility of D sharing a room with them, how that will work i dont know!) - which will be Yellow, Gray, White and Black since we have all white and black furniture. Since we can't paint? (and we will be renting) - make canvas art. I totally stole this idea from pinterest and my sis in law leslie - she was making really nice ones for friends for their wedding and i thought duh- canvas are pretty cheap at walmart, along with the paint... so thats what i figured i would do to help my "nesting"

i did these so far , and if D does end up sharing a room ihave a few ideas of girly canvas' i can paint for her side of the room. (and the first picture with the canvas on the right - i totally messed up so i was fixing it and therefor the THE in it is missing when i took it..) im not really loving the first two i did, but i do LOVE the "you are my sunshine" blocks i did.

Im also contemplating painting some furniture this summer when Tom isn't so busy to make the room come more together.  I saw THIS blog and fell in love with a. the yellow crib. b. the bedding and im super jealous her mom was able to make it for her.... anyone know how to sew and want to make some custom bedding for me?!?! hahhaha oh how i wish i could sew now!

alright. time to keep daydreaming of when we have a permanent house and i can actually plan!