Sunday, May 6, 2012


in case you didn't hear...

wednesday night i was watching a movie with tom when i was laying flat on my back on the couch. i started to feel some braxton hicks. But i realized they were happening one right after the other. I read that if you get more then 4 an hour - to call your dr. so i laid on my side and drank a bottle of water and then i went to bed. I woke up feeling fine but had a feeling i needed to call my dr to make sure. She said if they went away, just keep watching out for them and she would call me back. well not an hour later i started to get them again. and they kept coming back to back and a nurse called right after it happened and she said it would probably be best to come in and get monitored.
so i dropped D off with Kaylee and leslie and figured it was probably nothing and drove myself 30 minutes to my dr's office and got hooked up. Well - they kept coming. they werent painful, just uncomfortable. They checked my cervix and it was a little soft and only fingertip dilated (less than a 1). they told me that i needed to go to St. Vincent's hospital and id probably be looking at at LEAST an over night stay and would get something to stop the contractions.
i had a little meltdown.
1. tom wasnt with me (but i called him and met him there)
2. i left D thinking i would be back in 2 hours and didn't get to really say goodbye or leave stuff with kaylee and leslie for a long term stay.
3. would i go into labor?

Well i arrived and tom met me there and and i was hooked up and the contractions started to hurt a little bit -and they were coming every 2-4 minutes. They hooked me up to an IV and got me fluids, and magnesium which is quite powerful stuff. I had never felt so drugged up in my life. Well the contractions started slowing down - spreading further apart and then after being on it for around 36 hours they took it off. Along with the monitor that caught contractions.

well not two hours later i felt one... and then another one... and another one - 15 minutes apart. Then they were coming back a few minutes apart and my back was killling me and they were more painful. They checked my cervix and no change - thank goodness. They told me to take a quick QUICK shower and then gave me oxicodine (i cant spell that!) to help with the pain and i was able to rest and they started to go away. This morning i only had a few contractions through out the night and they said that can be normal with a twin pregnancy as long asi t wasnt more than 4 an hour or back to back contractions.

so im finally home, but will now have to be on bedrest for 12 weeks (until 35 weeks). I really dont know how ill handle it but it could be a whole lot worse. I've moved in with tom's parents for now because I can't go up and down stairs all day to use the bathroom (our apartment) and will have help from kaylee during the day. Im so thankful that we have family nearby to help. Otherwise i don't know what I would do.

Im grateful my boys are safe too. theyve been movin and groovin and kicking a ton. They just need to stay in for a little while longer (ok a lot longer!)

Thanks for all those who prayed and fasted for us as well. it means a lot!

heres to being 23 weeks and having 12 more weeks of bedrest.


Jody and Alex said...

So glad all of Tom's family is there to help and that the boys are kicking lots! Hope these next 12 weeks go by fast!

Devin and Christina said...

I wish I were close so that I could help out! I'm glad you're well enough to be at home! Good luck in the next 12 weeks!

The Ranson Family said...

I am so sorry! I was so lucky I didn't need to be. You can do it!

Ruby Annette said...

Praying for you!! Just take it easy... I'm sure everyone is saying that and 12 weeks feels like along time but it's good to know you're around family. Hang in there!! You're amazing and such an example to me.