Tuesday, May 1, 2012

let's hear it for the boys!

(cant help but sing the song from footloose with that title...!)

first of all - when did it become MAY!? yikes! these past couple of months have gone by so fast and this pregnancy is flying by. And next month my baby girl will be turning 3!

anyways, back to my post! - we have no idea where we will be living when these boys make their arrival... we dont know if we'll still be in oregon, if we'll be in another state - no idea.... therefor i can't really "Nest" and decorate a room for them.

pinterest is also of the devil. Makes me so jealous that i dont have the money or a room to make into a nursery for these boys - and they are ADORABLE rooms.

so i came up with a color scheme for the room (and there is a possibility of D sharing a room with them, how that will work i dont know!) - which will be Yellow, Gray, White and Black since we have all white and black furniture. Since we can't paint? (and we will be renting) - make canvas art. I totally stole this idea from pinterest and my sis in law leslie - she was making really nice ones for friends for their wedding and i thought duh- canvas are pretty cheap at walmart, along with the paint... so thats what i figured i would do to help my "nesting"

i did these so far , and if D does end up sharing a room ihave a few ideas of girly canvas' i can paint for her side of the room. (and the first picture with the canvas on the right - i totally messed up so i was fixing it and therefor the THE in it is missing when i took it..) im not really loving the first two i did, but i do LOVE the "you are my sunshine" blocks i did.

Im also contemplating painting some furniture this summer when Tom isn't so busy to make the room come more together.  I saw THIS blog and fell in love with a. the yellow crib. b. the bedding and im super jealous her mom was able to make it for her.... anyone know how to sew and want to make some custom bedding for me?!?! hahhaha oh how i wish i could sew now!

alright. time to keep daydreaming of when we have a permanent house and i can actually plan!

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The Sabatini Family said...

Love it! I want to make that sign too. I sing that song to my kids all the time... and it's pretty much the only song I ever sing! :)

I can't wait for you guys. It has gone by so fast!! Hopefully you get to stay in Oregon. Crossing our fingers for you! Love ya.