Thursday, May 31, 2012

27 weeks and D's favorites

 D LOVES this pink dress. obsessed. she wants to wear it every day and even refuses to take it off when she goes to bed. there has been a few (BIG) tantrums over this dress when i try to take it off. So the other day she found her dress up necklaces and wanted her pink dress of course. so i let her wear get it and put it on and she said "take pictures mommy!" so i had to get my camera out and take thousands of pictures. Maybe this is a sign i could actually maybe get good pictures of her? oh wait, im on bed rest. can't do that. LAME!

She's pretty darn cute if i do say so myself!

So while at home and trying to stay down most of the day - painting has become one of D's favorite things to do. (along with play dough.) I feel bad because i can't really go take her outside to play. One i cant chase after her. I could go take her just outside that door right there and sit and watch her play - but thats where everyone likes to smoke... ALL.. Day. Ewe.

Luckily Kaylee picks her up for an hour -2 a day to play with Miss Ayla. And when Tom is done student teaching in 2 weeks he can take her in the mornings before he does baseball (he's head coaching summer ball for a select team of high school students.)

And today marks 27 weeks pregnant. Seems crazy. I havent been having many contractions so i moved home on thursday night while everyone went camping. I was doing fine going up and down stairs so i figured id be ok here. Last night i started to have some contractions (more then usual for the past few weeks) and i blame it on dehydration since i hadnt had like anything to drink all day- and they stopped by the time i went to sleep so my goal is to keep drinking lots of water and hopefully thats it. Im praying its not the stairs. 

here is a shot of one of the babies (either baby A's bum or B's head..?) poking out. You can tell my stmach is getting lots of new stretchmarks. But these boys LOVE to move and poke and roll around. I have never been so amazed to see how much i can see them from the outside. I saw D occasionally but wow. i see them daily!

anyways - babies weigh about 2 lbs and are size of a head of cauliflower. that is huge!

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ryan + elizabeth . said...

I still can't believe you're having twins! Crazy! Hope you're doing well.