Thursday, May 24, 2012

26 weeks

Today I went in to my high risk ob for another appointment. We got a cervical check (which my cervix has shortened since last visit 2 weeks ago but is still closed, whew!) and we got to see baby boys again! That is definitely one perk to being high risk. so many ultrasounds! This time baby B flipped from having his head on my right side to having his head on my left - while baby A is more head down and to the right - like they are on bunk beds.
anyways - i guess they really are wanting to suck - cause baby A was sucking his toes while baby B was trying to suck on his hands. So cute. Glad she got us pictures.

I also had my glucose test - yuck. First of all - the drink wasn't that bad, but drinking it in under 10 minutes with nothing in my stomach made me feel a little sick. But it made me feel like i was drinking flat orange soda. 

And i passed. Thank goodness!

here are some pics!

ALSO! in case you didn't hear - i won the crib bedding set from Carousel Designs from the contest on - it came in the mail today! So excited. Its a 4 piece set that retails to almost $400! its insane! I remember seeing THIS set online for the contest and thought - oh man i so wish i could have that, would go perfect with the color scheme.

so when i got the email - i almost wet myself - seriously. out of 1000's of enteries i won!? this is the 3rd online giveaway ive won in the past few years. pretty awesome if i do say so myself!
(now if only they would give me everything in that room!)

I go back in 2 more weeks for another u/s etc --- 

still on level 2 bedrest - said to keep doing what ive been doing since my contractions have slowed down to 0-3 a day in the past 2 weeks.

And we're sad that this happened now - cause as we speak the whole family is headed to Ukiah (eastern Oregon) to go camping for Memorial Day Weekend - so sad we're missing it.

but it will be nice to be just us 3 together all weekend at our apartment. Lots of relaxing!


Jody and Alex said...

love the chevron print- so cute and east to replicate! so fun to get to see the boys so much!

Ruby Annette said...

LOVE IT!! Are you still in love with celebrity gossip?? Because I remember discussing crucial Kardashian moments and such with you. IN fact, I think you introduced me to a lot of awesome reality tv. I hope things keep going smoothly! I'm praying for you guys!!