Saturday, May 12, 2012

24 Weeks

Yesterday I had my 24 week appointment with the high risk OB. I knew I was getting a cervical length u/s to make sure my contractions weren't shortening my cervix and they weren't. my cervix actually was longer than in the hospital so thats good news. Also i haven't been having too many contractions. Only 4-6 a day since getting home and yesterday i only had 2 (which were due to full bladder). I asked if my bladder had anything to do with it or being constipated since it seemed like thats when they would come, and he said yes contractions through out the day can be caused by the pressure of the bladder but not cause contractions that would cause labor. So im hoping just the bladder is the thing thats triggering it. We go in in 2 weeks to check again and see how my contractions are and we will see. 
We also were able to get another growth u/s done and see the boys and how they were growing. We didnt know we were going to get one this visit so that was nice! I didn't realize how big they were until the u/s tech was going from the bottom of my belly to the top with one baby. We also didnt realize how close the two were until we saw this picture of them looking at each other. Im not going to lie. Totally got teary eyed! It was just too cute!

Also in 2 weeks I get to do that glucose test. Yuck. I never had to do it with Dulany so it's my first time. And so not looking forward to it.

alright here are 24 week pictures!

baby boys looking at each other

24 week belly shots. (and please excuse the bad pics from photobooth on the computer! haha i dont have a camera here!)

yesterday before my dr's appointment. D had to be in the picture as well. Excuse the no make up look!

and for fun, and my records - 24 week update on pregnancy:

How Far Along Are You: 24 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: up 8 lbs from pre pregnancy weight and 21 lbs from my lowest weight this pregnancy with losing the first 13.

How Big are Your Babies? Size of an Ear of CORN - we actually got their weights. 1lb8oz and 1lb10oz and about a foot long.

Maternity Clothes: yes for sure. Even G's -  my tummy is definitenly getting bigger!

Stretch Marks: not any new ones and surprisingly my old ones are pretty faded.

Sleep: im so congested, sleep is hard. and im starting the "have to pee every few hours"

Best Moment This Week: seeing the boys this week on another u/s and seeing how close they are (see pic above!)

Movements: ohhh yeah. they are dancing and movin and groovin!

Food Cravings: cherry pepsi - AHH this will be the death of me. I was doing so well not drinking it until now!

Food Aversions: mmm ... not anything i can think of at the moment. Tried to do spaghetti one night and couldnt. so maybe still that.

Labor Signs: Yup - was admitted to the hospital this past weekend (5/3-5/6) for pre-term contractions. NOT fun! and scary. Now on bed rest

Belly Button in or out?: its starting to disappear.

Miss Anything?: yes. not being able to go take D out to play or run to the store.

What I'm Looking Foward To: getting off bed rest!

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Ruby Annette said...

You are so strong!! Sorry you're in bedrest... this would be a great time to invent something really cool though. You know, like bedrest games, a new type of tv, the possibilities are endless really :) hang in there girl!