Sunday, January 30, 2011

workin at the car wash...

While mommy had a meeting for her church calling daddy took Dulany over to grandma and grandpas house so he could go wash his car since it was such a beautiful day out! I got there and found Dulany helping!! I stole these pictures from Kaylee's blog, hope she doesn't mind!! Also thank you kaylee for watching her while also watching your bro and sis in law on the trampoline!

Friday, January 28, 2011

look at that hair!

here are pictures of Dulany of her bath and after her bath showing how long her hair has gotten. But its layered(bc of her bald spot) ... so when it dries it gets crazy and doesn't look as good but i still cant get over how long it is!

ps. for more of bath photos like ABOVE ^ click below for a post about it.

splish splash..

she's playing in the bath...

she loves loves loves the bath! we got her colored things to make the water turn colors and bath crayons/markers. She loves the bath even more! (plus bubble bath). here are a few pictures:

she loves to squat in the tub

look at those teeth!

Trying to swim on her back

Cute Bum!

as you can tell she's having a BLAST!

Monday, January 24, 2011

finally - a beautiful day!

today it was finally gorgeous out (for at least a few hours!) it was about 55 degrees and sunny! so we def. took the opportunity to go outside for a walk (although, i tried to put her in the jogging stroller so i could get my exercise but no, she had to have HER stroller with HER baby to walk around. oh well, i guess ill exercise later!) and then we met grandma and aunt kaylee and cousin ayla at the park and then of course it got cloudy and windy so we only stayed for a little bit. But she loved going down the slides!

here are a few videos of her playing outside today:

ok here are other videos i had on my camera - Enjoy!

here is a video of her in her old exersaucer we got of storage. Who knew she would love it so much!

I guess tom took this video when i was not home - she likes to try to sneak drinks of our soda... mainly daddy's moutain dew. when i got home she was throwing a FIT because tom took it away from her ... oh geeze.

here is a video of Dulany singing "skid-i-mi-rink-i-dink" shes getting good at it!

Dulany is getting smarter and smarter. Its pretty crazy. She's officially 19 months old. I was just looking at her old baby (ok newborn) pictures and i miss how little she was! As for us....Tom is currenly in washington for the week. I think im going a little crazy being in this new apartment at night by myself... but oh well, i need to grow up! I'm trying to keep busy but its a little hard! only 4 more days.... gah.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

videos videos videos

Dulany going "night nights" in our bed. she's too funny! she loves getting in our bed (and grandma and grandpas) and pull up the covers and say nigh night and 'read' tom's big books!

this video is just of her talking to 'herself' in the camera. Notice she tries to say her name and also repeats me saying "don't touch" - smart girl. we really have to watch what we say now!

this is of her doing "ring around the rosies" but jumping onto the ground instead of falling. She was cracking up and even putting her hand over her mouth when she laughed. Too funny.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


i saw this type of thing in the campus bookstore at BYU-Idaho. they charged 5 bucks a picture! and the same with a few websites where i've actually seen it... plus like $90 for a frame (which is a nice frame, but still)

so i figured, i could take my own pictures and find my own frame! the pictures were easy. not so much the frame. i looked and looked everywhere for one. Finally found a 7 opening frame at Ross for 12 bucks. It was hideous, but figured this may be the only one i can find for that cheap! so i got it anyways...

here is the finished product.

I want to be able to take more pictures (of the whole alphabet) and make these for weddings, but the problem is getting frames... they are expensive!but its kind of a neat hobby and it gets me using my camera more!

PS> Post about our NEW apartment BELOW! - check it out~

New Apartment

we moved into our apartment last week. It's nice and big and Dulany LOVES it. The first night she stayed up till about 10 because she was running around like crazy! She loves her new room and sleeps better than EVER! since thanksgiving, she was having trouble sleeping at grandma/grandpa's house and was wanting to sleep with us. Since night one, she's slept in her crib all night and most mornings sleeps in till 8 (a few times till 6 and then sleeps with me for 2 hours) and she always takes a good nap too. She also never cries which is amazing since we thought she would have a tough transition. Nope!
Last night I finally got the apartment decorated, mostly everything put away (minus clothes in our room, which is why we have no pics of that!) and had grandma and grandpa over for dinner. Dulany LOVED showing off infront of them running around showing them her room. it was too funny!

We love it too! we got lucky and found mostly everything we had to get cheap on craigslist or given to us. Here are pictures of the apartment (minus the bedrooms cause those are still a disaster!)

the bathroom - its HUGE

The entry way i guess you would call it, and the hallway

the living room

the kitchen its the first thing you see when you walk in... oh well!

the dinning 'room' as you can call it. (these table/chairs - 50 bucks, can you believe it? wecan't)

the other part of the kitchen, i didnt like it at first but now i love it! so much room. and you can grab food right off the counter at dinner time.

anywho, i figured we would put pics up to show family our new place! too bad we're only going to be here for about 6 months ....

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ears and Eyes, and Mouth and Nose....

here is a video (from our new camcorder {see post below}) of Dulany playing 'Where is Dulany, There she is' with her tent and then continuing to show us where her ears, mouth, nose and eyes are! smart girl. Sorry if the video is dark, i think i accidentally made it more dark when trying to 'edit' it and i don't feel like messing with iMovie again (im too confused!

ps. if anyone knows how to make these youtube videos smaller, PLEASE let me know.

new camcorder!

here is our 'test video'

between my dad's christmas money and Tom's christmas bonus, we decided we needed to invest in a camcorder. My little dinky camera takes horrible videos plus its dead and i have not been able to find the charger. Anytime i pulled it out to take a video, the battery would die midway through even if i just charged it. Dumb thing.

We always are in situations with dulany doing something and we want to record it but.. oh wait, we can't and we always wish we had a camcorder! My sister has one and i figured we needed a little flip video - but those don't zoom well and don't take very good videos of kids unless you're up in their face.. which wouldn't work for Dulany. so we spent a little extra money and got one online for half the price of what it wouldve been at Best Buy.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

lost pics/videos

i finally got pics and videos off my crappy camera. Some of these go back to end of august/september.

Cookies for Santa - from Dulany and Ayla (more like christmas candy)

from when I watched Ayla - what a funny girl.

at the airport from Pennsylvania being a goof ball.

Pictures from Pennsylvania with cousin E

Walking around in just her rubber boots, her favorite!

Dulany at Cousin Ayla's house right after she was born, kissing the frog from Swan Princess

Kaylee right before going to the hospital to deliver Ayla!

Dulany and Grandma at the Park.

Here are videos

here is cousin E. she's got rhythm!

here are a mix of videos - Dulany 'plugging her ears' and walking around. She's done this a lot lately.

and Ayla 'talking' for all the family to see how much she's grown.

and my favorite of cousin E and Dulany playing 'peek a boo' in Pennsylvania.

Monday, January 3, 2011


anytime the camera comes out, Dulany says "CHEESE!" (and she can actually say it) and gives us her BIG smile (see above). I love it. I never have to fight for pictures from her. These were taken last night while taking a walk on the farm at sunset (hence why i had to do black and white photos). Can she get any cuter?