Tuesday, January 18, 2011


i saw this type of thing in the campus bookstore at BYU-Idaho. they charged 5 bucks a picture! and the same with a few websites where i've actually seen it... plus like $90 for a frame (which is a nice frame, but still)

so i figured, i could take my own pictures and find my own frame! the pictures were easy. not so much the frame. i looked and looked everywhere for one. Finally found a 7 opening frame at Ross for 12 bucks. It was hideous, but figured this may be the only one i can find for that cheap! so i got it anyways...

here is the finished product.

I want to be able to take more pictures (of the whole alphabet) and make these for weddings, but the problem is getting frames... they are expensive!but its kind of a neat hobby and it gets me using my camera more!

PS> Post about our NEW apartment BELOW! - check it out~


Scott+Kimber+Ruby=Scimby said...

those are so cute! I would love to do one...but I'm thinking I might have a hard time finding a frame with 9 spots! haha

Jessica and Trent said...

I've thought about doing one of these! Yours turned out great! I hope you don't mind if I kind of "steal" your idea :)

Devin and Christina said...

IKEA is where you can find picture frames with lots of openings! I'm not sure how many, but I know they've got a huge selection for way cheap! If you don't have an IKEA up there, you can always come visit us :)