Thursday, January 6, 2011

lost pics/videos

i finally got pics and videos off my crappy camera. Some of these go back to end of august/september.

Cookies for Santa - from Dulany and Ayla (more like christmas candy)

from when I watched Ayla - what a funny girl.

at the airport from Pennsylvania being a goof ball.

Pictures from Pennsylvania with cousin E

Walking around in just her rubber boots, her favorite!

Dulany at Cousin Ayla's house right after she was born, kissing the frog from Swan Princess

Kaylee right before going to the hospital to deliver Ayla!

Dulany and Grandma at the Park.

Here are videos

here is cousin E. she's got rhythm!

here are a mix of videos - Dulany 'plugging her ears' and walking around. She's done this a lot lately.

and Ayla 'talking' for all the family to see how much she's grown.

and my favorite of cousin E and Dulany playing 'peek a boo' in Pennsylvania.

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Jody and Alex said...

LOVE that video of E and Dulany playing peek-a-boo. I totally need to steal it for my blog! Love all the pics too!