Monday, January 24, 2011

finally - a beautiful day!

today it was finally gorgeous out (for at least a few hours!) it was about 55 degrees and sunny! so we def. took the opportunity to go outside for a walk (although, i tried to put her in the jogging stroller so i could get my exercise but no, she had to have HER stroller with HER baby to walk around. oh well, i guess ill exercise later!) and then we met grandma and aunt kaylee and cousin ayla at the park and then of course it got cloudy and windy so we only stayed for a little bit. But she loved going down the slides!

here are a few videos of her playing outside today:

ok here are other videos i had on my camera - Enjoy!

here is a video of her in her old exersaucer we got of storage. Who knew she would love it so much!

I guess tom took this video when i was not home - she likes to try to sneak drinks of our soda... mainly daddy's moutain dew. when i got home she was throwing a FIT because tom took it away from her ... oh geeze.

here is a video of Dulany singing "skid-i-mi-rink-i-dink" shes getting good at it!

Dulany is getting smarter and smarter. Its pretty crazy. She's officially 19 months old. I was just looking at her old baby (ok newborn) pictures and i miss how little she was! As for us....Tom is currenly in washington for the week. I think im going a little crazy being in this new apartment at night by myself... but oh well, i need to grow up! I'm trying to keep busy but its a little hard! only 4 more days.... gah.

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Jody and Alex said...

I love how she walks away, waves and blows a kiss-too cute! And that last video of her sining- oh my word! We miss her. E loved watching her on the slide!