Thursday, April 28, 2011

video overload

finally loaded all the videos on my camera. ENJOY! (ps. potty post below)

this first one is of the dress i got D cause she's into princesses.. well she hates it, as you can see. i know this is probably cruel, but its funny, i can't help but laugh.

here is a video of when we watched Ayla one day. She is too cute and happy. D wanted to be in the exersaucer the whole time, that stinker.

here is a video of her watching "memo" and laughing at Dori speaking whale. She is also saying "come one" twice, whcih cracks me up!

another video of her just being funny. i thought she looked extra cute so i had to post it.

and one last one. remember from the pictures of her helping me bake? heres a video! she is too funny.

Lets Do. The Potty Dance!

ok. so while getting wipes for D yesterday i decided to get a potty for her and let her get used to it so we can really start potty training when she turns 2 in June. I figured oh great, she wont evne want to go near it. Tom showed it to her this morning, she came RUNNING out of the bathroom screaming MAMA TOY-LET?! and came to grab my hand to come look at it. So i stripped her down and stuck her on it. She stayed on there for a good 15 minutes. I got her up and let her go naked. She started to go on the living room carpet and i said 'lets go to the potty!' and she stopped going and sat on the toilet for a good 10 minutes before she actually peed in it! i was surprised for sure. and i know its not going to happen anytime soon because she pees a LOT during the day! and i never know when.

im curious for when she needs to go poopy. I almost always know when shes about to start pushing so we'll see today if we can get her to go on it.

good news for now is that she likes it and likes to sit on it. We tried sitting again and she sat there for a good 15 more minutes singing songs! haha. and the funny thing is she always asks for juice andbaby when sitting on it. Silly girl!

and of course, being the first time mom i am, i had to take pictures of her sitting on the pot. haha. I tried best to cover the privates. (and as im typing, she wanted to go sit on it again... with a sippy cup and baby)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the Beautiful Me

i read this blog (button down below) about finding our beauty and celebrating it. So i decided to post a picture of me and write the things that i LOVE about myself that makes ME beautiful!

(ok, so its me and my hubs. but its such a sweet pic!)

i LOVE my smile. (thank you good teeth!)
i LOVE being a mom and a wife, and think im pretty good at it!
i LOVE that I get along with mostly everybody.
i LOVE that I have the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life.
i LOVE teaching little children (some say its my calling in life.) whether its in church or any ordinary day.
i LOVE my little feet. They are small, but they are cute!
i LOVE (ok. im TRYING to love - its my biggest insecurity) my little piggy nose. Little D got it from me and it looks adorable on her.
i LOVE the people who LOVE me for who I am!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

HappY easter!

(fair warning - i had about 100 pics... so if you want more, they're all on facebook)

This was a fun Easter because Dulany actually understood what was going as to egg hunts and easter baskets and what not. We were sad that mom and dad weren't here to help celebrate but they're on their way here with Bonnie Adam and Niccole! they will get here tonight! so excited.

anyways we started off Saturday morning with the ward easter egg hunt/games/breakfast. It was a lot of fun. D just wanted to play more than do anything organized. She did do pretty well with the easter egg hunt and got a lot of tootsie rolls.... which made a big mess. That day was also 75 degrees and sunny (and D had a CRANKY day but we did get some fun in the sun in).

here are my favorite pics from that.

then on Sunday she slept in till 9 which is amazing, and she opened her baskets from grandpa and gram (pease) and her baskets from us. She had so much fun with her princess accessories! We then hosted Easter Dinner (its weird being the oldest siblings here and taking that roll) and had Kaylee, Jon, Ayla, Leslie and Julie over. It was DELISH! It was a really nice and relaxing day! Here are pictures from that day:

her and her first chocolate bunny - lets just say she got REALLY mad when i took it away from her.

her in her easter dress and princess get up

right after her diaper change she had to test out her princess accessories!

this is her loot (minus grandpa and gram pease's basket)she was spoiled!

this was the dinner we had!! MmM. I love the ham i made, not like a regular ham, but it was good so i dont care! and i FINALLY was able to successfully make Deviled Eggs (i always broke them or tore them while peeling etc.. i always got mad. Finally mom showed me how she does it and its the only way i will boil eggs from now on!) and then twice baked potatoes which are always a hit! Leslie and julie brought the greek salad and bread and Kaylee brought a lemon marange pie and sparkling cidar. i say it was successful dinner..we were all quite stuffed afterwards!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3 years down

today marks our 3rd anniversary! We're not sure how we're going to celebrate, but it wont be anything fancy..

here are pictures to reminisce on the past 3 years.


and i wish we had a recent photo of us, but all we take are pictures of D. Whoops!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

22 months

Yesterday. D turned 22 months old. Seriously? Where is the time going. It was just yesterday she was turning 18 months and it was a big deal! She's looking older and older every day. it doesn't help that she's learning more and more everyday. Her recent new phrase (that i LOVE) - Aww Man! its seriously the cutest thing i have ever heard. I'm not going to go on and on about her in this post because well i always do. Shes getting too big and i don't like it (although today she insisted she throw away her own diaper with out anyone helping, and by insist i mean throw a fit when daddy tried to do it, i can't complain!)

only 2 more months till her big 2nd birthday. And did i mention i am terrified of potty training!? AHHHHHH!

here are pictures of this past week (and today) of her looking like a 2 year old!

this is D in her Easter Dress/shoes. We had her wear it today cause next sunday is Stake Conference. Can't really show it off then! haha.

Finally got a good shot (ok of her!) of me and my almost 2 year old before we went to church today. I'm trying to work on getting more pictures of me and D. I just HATE taking pictures of me. its a constant reminder that i need to work out more and eat junk less!

she is obsessed with this plastic ice cream cone. its rather funny. she always asks "uh... papa? ice cream cone WHITE!" (aka lets to get a vanilla ice cream cone from papa at his house)

She always looks older when her hair is in a pony tail. It is too cute! i love it. If only it was stay all day long.this one made me laugh, she is just too cute. i love her. who wouldn't love her?!

Friday, April 15, 2011

1st Haircut

D had her first haircut yesterday. Ive been wanting to cut it for awhile but was too scared to do it myself. Luckily Kaylee has a friend who cuts hair and was cutting mom's hair and we happened to come along for the ride and while we were there Kaylee's friend asked if I wanted her to cut D's hair.

i said sure, and quickly realized i came unprepared. NO CAMERA! luckily i was able to use Kaylee's. D hated it haha. She cried and we tried stuffing jelly beans in her mouth. Oh well. Afterwards when it dried (her hair was in piggy tails so she couldn't see what needed to be cut really) she saw the big gap in layers... (this is from her bald spot when she was a baby.her hair flips out and there is her shorter hair and then the longer hair underneath) so while D was playing she cut the bottom part and it looks a LOT better. Its not a drastic change cause Tom didn't even notice when he got home, but it does look better.

in other news, i FINALLY got a new straightner. My friend nicki suggested one thats the rip off of the Chi and it was on sale for 50 bucks so i got it and used it this morning and im already in love. so THANK you nicki! (tom doesn't know i got it yet.. shh! besides its really for him right? me trying to look better for my husband? haha and dont worry i'll tell him when he gets home from work).

here are pictures: (please excuse my double chin, i would like to blame it on the fact that iwas leaning back while holding D trying to talk to her, but really, its because i have a double chin and i need to lose weight!)


as for me and my hair (thank you new straightener, i like to think it looks like i just got out of the salon, which it does cause with old straightener, it was never this straight and smooth. Im in love.) - please excuse the flash of photobooth. maybe its a good thing you can't see my detailed face.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


ok. i've never been one to enter into giveaways... but on and groopdealz there (which i have on facebook) there are always giveaways so i try to enter thinking ill never win but why not, can't hurt..

well i FINALLY won! not only did i win, i won BIG TIME!!

click HERE to see! its a $70 product. I am aware its for a baby, and i don't have a newborn. but maybe sometime in the near future (no, not pregnant) i will be able to use it!

ps. did i mention that 419 people entered to win it? YAY!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

day at the beach.

yesterday was another pretty day (ok sunny and only 50 degrees. ill take it!) so we decided to go to the beach and actually play on the beach.

Dulany LOVED it. she loved actually getting her feet in the water and running away from the waves. (despite it being insanely cold i can't even stick my feet in) She even threw the worlds biggest fit when we had to pick her up and drag her back to the car.

here are my favorite pics, the rest (all of them) are on facebook.

(love her face in these next two pictures)

(looking at the kite!)

(this is the worlds shortest river)

this is what she looked like while dragging her off the beach - screaming - we got lots of stares!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Smell that?

smells like spring. finally.


there was not one single drop of rain.

the sun was out the entire day with a few clouds.

it got up to 58 degrees.

D and I went to the park twice.

I forgot to take the camera both times because i wanted to concentrate on playing in the glorious sunshine that we have missed so dearly.

(so we stole pics from Kaylees camera the second time we went to the park)

(wearing her 99 cent high school musical sunglasses with her aunt julie)

(with daddy on the spinny thing)

(in the play house making cookies with ayla and julie)

oh and not to mention. after complaining about not wearing flip flops and capris, i was able do just that today. it was amazing. Not to mention these capri's are falling off me. So that's gotta be a good thing too right?!

lets hope and cross our fingers for more days like today.