Thursday, April 28, 2011

video overload

finally loaded all the videos on my camera. ENJOY! (ps. potty post below)

this first one is of the dress i got D cause she's into princesses.. well she hates it, as you can see. i know this is probably cruel, but its funny, i can't help but laugh.

here is a video of when we watched Ayla one day. She is too cute and happy. D wanted to be in the exersaucer the whole time, that stinker.

here is a video of her watching "memo" and laughing at Dori speaking whale. She is also saying "come one" twice, whcih cracks me up!

another video of her just being funny. i thought she looked extra cute so i had to post it.

and one last one. remember from the pictures of her helping me bake? heres a video! she is too funny.

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