Thursday, April 7, 2011

same old same old..

sorry i haven't updated in awhile. there hasn't been a ton going on lately....

its still cold and majority of the time still raining. we've had a few sunny days here and there but they are very rare. Im still wondering when spring will come. the flowers are blooming, the grass is green (as it is year round)... and it sometimes smells like spring. But it has yet to go over 62 degrees. currently its been hanging around 50 which is nonsense to me! i am looknig foward to at least 70 degree weather! I want to put Dulany in short sleeves and shorts, i want to wear capris and flip flops!!

Tom has started school for about a week now. he likes some of his classes but hates that theyre late in the day and he has to drive a good 20-30 minutes to get there. luckily its only twice a week where he has to travel.

Dulany is finally teething again. she is getting her canines on the bottom. she keeps getting a fever but thats about it. She's talking more and more its insane. She knows almost all her letters (minus a few) can count to 10. She's looking more and more older these days and its driving me nuts. She is getting too big!!

i havent been taking too many pictures lately because it seems like we do th esame things over and over but here are a few from photobooth for your viewing pleasure!


Jody and Alex said...

This post made me kinda sad...she is so big and I haven't seen her in forever. I LOVE that last pic. She is soooo cute!

Michelle Starrs said...

She is so big! And remember... it's April SHOWERS bring May flowers! It is especially true for the good ol' pacific northwest :) My advice? Get some good rain gear and go outside anyway! D will LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

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