Friday, April 15, 2011

1st Haircut

D had her first haircut yesterday. Ive been wanting to cut it for awhile but was too scared to do it myself. Luckily Kaylee has a friend who cuts hair and was cutting mom's hair and we happened to come along for the ride and while we were there Kaylee's friend asked if I wanted her to cut D's hair.

i said sure, and quickly realized i came unprepared. NO CAMERA! luckily i was able to use Kaylee's. D hated it haha. She cried and we tried stuffing jelly beans in her mouth. Oh well. Afterwards when it dried (her hair was in piggy tails so she couldn't see what needed to be cut really) she saw the big gap in layers... (this is from her bald spot when she was a baby.her hair flips out and there is her shorter hair and then the longer hair underneath) so while D was playing she cut the bottom part and it looks a LOT better. Its not a drastic change cause Tom didn't even notice when he got home, but it does look better.

in other news, i FINALLY got a new straightner. My friend nicki suggested one thats the rip off of the Chi and it was on sale for 50 bucks so i got it and used it this morning and im already in love. so THANK you nicki! (tom doesn't know i got it yet.. shh! besides its really for him right? me trying to look better for my husband? haha and dont worry i'll tell him when he gets home from work).

here are pictures: (please excuse my double chin, i would like to blame it on the fact that iwas leaning back while holding D trying to talk to her, but really, its because i have a double chin and i need to lose weight!)


as for me and my hair (thank you new straightener, i like to think it looks like i just got out of the salon, which it does cause with old straightener, it was never this straight and smooth. Im in love.) - please excuse the flash of photobooth. maybe its a good thing you can't see my detailed face.


Nicki Wilson said...

I'm glad you like the new straigtener! I love mine and it does an amazing job! And for $50! You can't complain:)

Tiffany Fackrell said...

so what straightner did you get? mine is 10 years old and makes my hair anything but straight and lovely! HA!

Jody and Alex said...

I am seriously considering that straightener! Your hair looks so good! those pic of Dulany crying are sooo sad but so cute at the same time. Cute girl!