Friday, April 8, 2011

Smell that?

smells like spring. finally.


there was not one single drop of rain.

the sun was out the entire day with a few clouds.

it got up to 58 degrees.

D and I went to the park twice.

I forgot to take the camera both times because i wanted to concentrate on playing in the glorious sunshine that we have missed so dearly.

(so we stole pics from Kaylees camera the second time we went to the park)

(wearing her 99 cent high school musical sunglasses with her aunt julie)

(with daddy on the spinny thing)

(in the play house making cookies with ayla and julie)

oh and not to mention. after complaining about not wearing flip flops and capris, i was able do just that today. it was amazing. Not to mention these capri's are falling off me. So that's gotta be a good thing too right?!

lets hope and cross our fingers for more days like today.


Jody and Alex said...

love the glasses! Still can't believe how big she looks especially next to Ayla!

Anonymous said...

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