Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

2 month check up

so yesterday dulany had her two month check up even though shes 10 weeks!!! she got her shots and that was hard to watch! i wanted to cry but held it back. she screamed at first but slept pretty much all day so she was a trooper. she weighed in at 11 lbs 6 oz.. so opposite of birth weight of 6lb 11 oz. (although at the wic aapt today she was 11 lbs 2 oz w/ out diaper) and she is 22 1/2 inches long. shes in the 75% in weight (according to due date since shes considered a premie w/ WIC) and 20% in height which isnt shocking. the lady who did all the stuff at WIC kept saying what a beautiful baby she is, and i couldnt agree more,. shes starting to look more and more like tom, others are even saying so.

last night she woke up at 3:30 to eat and around 4 i put her back down to sleep but she started crying in her crib so we just stuck her in our bed and she was just talking and talking. then around 6:30-7 she was talking like none other, i wish i had the camera. tom was in the bathroom and could hear her babbling! i love it!!!!!

anywho theres the update... afraid no pictures since all she did was sleep yesterday.

more to come soon!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thumb Sucker? No, Wrist Sucker

Here is that video of the wrist sucking. I thought it was pretty funny. I think she is also talking a little bit in it too. I cant remember. I took os many to get a good one!

Make sure to scroll down because i posted more pics in another post!

Chunky Monkey

Chunky Monkey!!!

she has been getting so big lately. Those are the pictures that show of those chunky cheeks shes got. As of lately She giggles and smiles ALL the time now and she loves to sit up (with help). We've been trying to get her to go to sleep (in her crib, not with us) earlier between 7-8 instead of between 9-10 like usual becaus thats when we would go to sleep. This past week she's been cranky andwhat not and would NOT want to sleep in her crib for naps. She would fall asleep fine with me and i would put her in her crib... 10 minutes later crying. I would put her in her crib when she was getting tired and stick her in her crib... cried for awhile, cant take it anymore, so i take her out.. she will fall asleep on the couch next to me fine, but i can't really leave her on the couch and go take a shower now can i?

But last night I fed her at 5:30.. and i was going to go feed her about 7:30 and put her to bed but she fell asleep around 7..woke up but went right back to sleep about 7:30 and we put her in her crib and she was OUT! I figured she would wake up about 11 or so to be fed since it had been awhile but she didnt wake up till 3 am. then 6:30, and then 10! she let me sleep in. I was so impressed how well she slept. Im just hoping today she wil be better. Earlier she slept with me because i was outside talking with neighbors and then just laid her on the couch. Just a few minutes ago she was getting sleepy so i just laid her in her crib... and she is OUT. so lets see how long this lasts, hopefully awhile! We havent been swaddling her because she puts herself back to sleep by sucking on her wrists (which i got a video of). she is so loud when she sucks and she can stick her whole wrist in her mouth almost! Its outrageous.

well tomorrow is her 2 month check up and immunizations (AHH! i made tom take tomorrow of instead of friday to come with me) so i gotta make sure to get some tylonal or motrin tonight to help for tomorrow. Poor girl. i dont want to see her get shots! I am excited to see how much she's grown though. Alright enough of my babbling here are some more pics.

There are a few of her in her crib, i just thought she looked so big in it compared to just 2 months ago, she's growing so fast its outrageous. Everyone says she's looking more and more like tom. The other ones are of her in her NEW bath! we finally gave up on the hospital bath which was teeny and spent a few bucks to get a good one, and she finally has something very girly (besides clothes!) She loves the new bath! isnt she just cute, and look at that BELLY!

Friday, August 21, 2009


I got the best video of her smiling. And weird enough, its always when i change her. I noticed that in the middle of the night when i changed her she would always want to smile and giggle. So i finally got it on video after keeping the video on the changing table. So here it is!!!

She is just so dang cute.

and my neighbor/friend just had her little baby boy and we just saw him. So dang cute. Its weird to think she was smaller than he was just 2 months ago. We're glad theyre staying since our other neighbor/friends are leaving us.. GEEZ. Just joking. (you know who you are...)

anywho, here is the vid.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

videos, cradle cap, and skype

Here are the videos of Dulany... TRYING to get it on video oof her smiling.. but i swear, when i pull out the camera, all she wants to do is stare at it... and not look at me when i try to get her to smile.. AHH maybe one of these days, at least i got that picture. Oh and ps. I HATE the sound of my own voice so thats why i dont make too many videos.. i just need to get over it. Im making weird noises trying to get her to smile.. i swear, its not how i usually takl! haha

also. can i say that olive oil is amazing? not just for cooking.. but for Cradle cap? She started to get it bad and so i started washing her hair/giving her a bath every day instead of every other day.. I read a post someone wrote on it saying to put it on her head for 15 minutes, and then shampoo it out.Luckily i still have the sponge from the hospital that has these plastic bristles on it so that helped. Now only a few days after getting it, its gone! i hated it, nand just wanted to pick at it all the time and didnt want to buy expensive cradle cap product so im glad i read that post on olive oil! Way to be cheap!

also. I LOVE SKYPE! it is awesome. We do it with bonnie a lot of the time and we get to see adam. My sister jody just got it too so i got to skype with her and alex. Perfect because she's having her baby in 2 weeks!! (at least thats when she's due!) I can't wait!! Itll be the first time Im an aunt on my side of the family and ill she'll be my first niece! we just need our parents to get it so they can watch Dulany grow and see her, not just pictures!

So parents... get working on it!! go buy a cheap webcam and DL it!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

updated pictures

Here are the pictures i promised. Ill try to upload some videos later of Dulany. In there are pics of Kaylee, leslie and dulany and FINALLY Got pictures of her SMILING! ph yes and she had a blow out all over me at toms work

Sunday, August 16, 2009

2 Months

my baby is 2 months old. holy crap. Seriously, i can't believe it!!!! Time is going by way too fast. She's starting to smile (as a reaction) which is awesome.. makes being a mom SO much better! and i think she's trying to giggle.... we keep trying to get it on video and she wont do it when we turn it on!! ugh.. oh well. We have an appointment in a week and half where we'll get measurments and what not along with immunizations. YIKES. Aunt kaylee came yesterday and Aunt leslie has been with us for a week. Sooo i need to get pics up but those will have to come later when i get more. Sorry for no pics for the moment. More will come sooN!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

8 weeks...

so yesterday, Dulany turned 8 weeks... DAAANG!! She's doing SO well at holding her head up, she loves to SIT, (With help of course) on your lap so she can lift her head and look around at everything. In the past couple of days we've bene trying to get her to smile and would see little ones but nothing big.. UNTIL today! I was giving her her bath and WOAH the biggest smile i have ever seen! i was so surprised... and then when she was done i tried to get her to smile some more and she kept doing it while almost giving a giggle... even ask aunt leslie.. she saw it all. Too bad tom didnt see and i didnt get it on video or anything. it was too cute. Now she's just trying to get that thumb in her mouth haha. she's gotten it in a few times but she mainly sucks on her wrist (which ill have to get a video of later, its kinda funny.. she goes crazy) oh yes we painted her toe nails (toms idea) so now mom and babe have matching feet.

so here are some more pics!!! (not sure order.. her toes, hanging on to dad, hanging out w/ dad, sleeping in her cute pjs, a pic of her on the couch to show how big shes gotten... )

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sweet Sleep.


she's been doing better sleeping like 6 straight hours, eating and then going back to sleep for another 3 or so hours.

But last night she was out at like 9 but i woke her up to feed her one last time at 10 before i went to bed. She went right back to sleep, and ta da i woke up to tom's alarm clock at 6:15 and was like wait a minute... i didnt wake up at all last night! (unless i did and dont remember it at all.. which could be the case) She didnt end up waking up till 6:40. We went and picked leslie up from EFY came home, and went back to sleep till 10... fed her again and a little bit later, asleep.. and its 12:15.

I think she's sleeping so much because i think were all getting sick. Tom had it, and now i think im starting to get it along with Dulany. She sounds a little congested. Im just glad she's getting enough rest. I just hope we don't pass it along to leslie who's staying here for a week!

Lots of airborne.. lots of airborne.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cutie Patootie

Just some more pics and a video of cousin adam and dulany playing. Im pretty sure i got him giving her kisses which we were trying so desperately to get in a picture. Enjoy the pics : )

Bathtime Fun - She's doing a TON better with baths, but we need to get a bigger tub. we're still using the one from the hospital. I just need to make a trip to Kmart to get a $8 foam one to put in the big tub.

here are a few pics of her with craazy hair/face. She ALWAYS sticks out that tongue. it cracks me up. and a cute pic of her playing on what used to be my baby blanket in her cute pjs.

Watching TV with dad, and please excuse his white thighs he is showing off in this picture.. whoops!

And i got these shorts from target, and icant get over how dang cute they are on her!

and last of all, i had to try to get a pic of her and me when we were little, both on the same baby blanket.



Another one of me that we thought looked a lot like dulany as well:

And here is the video of Dulany and Cousin adam playing. He was too funny! He didnt like when she cried, i guess it kinda freaked him out and he would kidna push her away, but after playing with her, when someone else had her he would say 'I want it!' He did really well holding her too, and is too cute giving her kisses and saying 'its a baby!' Its so nice to know my kids will have tons of cousins near their age.. unlike me and my family. I think i only know of one or 2 cousins and havent seen/talked to them in years.. unlike tom and his family who has like 10 cousins up here at school alone! i love that he has a big family.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baby blessing weekend

Honestly.. i dont feel like posting anything but this slideshow after such a busy weekend and hard day today, but seriously, all anyone wants to see is the pictures yes? Yes. I did have fun with all the family and already miss them. Im still sad kaylee, my sis in law, my stepmom pam and brother royce couldnt make it. Hopefully they'll get to meet Dulany soon.

ps. shes 7 weeks today HOLY COW!