Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chunky Monkey

Chunky Monkey!!!

she has been getting so big lately. Those are the pictures that show of those chunky cheeks shes got. As of lately She giggles and smiles ALL the time now and she loves to sit up (with help). We've been trying to get her to go to sleep (in her crib, not with us) earlier between 7-8 instead of between 9-10 like usual becaus thats when we would go to sleep. This past week she's been cranky andwhat not and would NOT want to sleep in her crib for naps. She would fall asleep fine with me and i would put her in her crib... 10 minutes later crying. I would put her in her crib when she was getting tired and stick her in her crib... cried for awhile, cant take it anymore, so i take her out.. she will fall asleep on the couch next to me fine, but i can't really leave her on the couch and go take a shower now can i?

But last night I fed her at 5:30.. and i was going to go feed her about 7:30 and put her to bed but she fell asleep around 7..woke up but went right back to sleep about 7:30 and we put her in her crib and she was OUT! I figured she would wake up about 11 or so to be fed since it had been awhile but she didnt wake up till 3 am. then 6:30, and then 10! she let me sleep in. I was so impressed how well she slept. Im just hoping today she wil be better. Earlier she slept with me because i was outside talking with neighbors and then just laid her on the couch. Just a few minutes ago she was getting sleepy so i just laid her in her crib... and she is OUT. so lets see how long this lasts, hopefully awhile! We havent been swaddling her because she puts herself back to sleep by sucking on her wrists (which i got a video of). she is so loud when she sucks and she can stick her whole wrist in her mouth almost! Its outrageous.

well tomorrow is her 2 month check up and immunizations (AHH! i made tom take tomorrow of instead of friday to come with me) so i gotta make sure to get some tylonal or motrin tonight to help for tomorrow. Poor girl. i dont want to see her get shots! I am excited to see how much she's grown though. Alright enough of my babbling here are some more pics.

There are a few of her in her crib, i just thought she looked so big in it compared to just 2 months ago, she's growing so fast its outrageous. Everyone says she's looking more and more like tom. The other ones are of her in her NEW bath! we finally gave up on the hospital bath which was teeny and spent a few bucks to get a good one, and she finally has something very girly (besides clothes!) She loves the new bath! isnt she just cute, and look at that BELLY!


Trevor and April said...

So cute!

The Sabatini Family said...

I LOVE her chubby cheeks!! So cute. I bet tom pinches and rubs them all the time!! :)

Brandon and Kassidi Bridge said...

She has the cutest cheeks I've ever seen!