Thursday, August 20, 2009

videos, cradle cap, and skype

Here are the videos of Dulany... TRYING to get it on video oof her smiling.. but i swear, when i pull out the camera, all she wants to do is stare at it... and not look at me when i try to get her to smile.. AHH maybe one of these days, at least i got that picture. Oh and ps. I HATE the sound of my own voice so thats why i dont make too many videos.. i just need to get over it. Im making weird noises trying to get her to smile.. i swear, its not how i usually takl! haha

also. can i say that olive oil is amazing? not just for cooking.. but for Cradle cap? She started to get it bad and so i started washing her hair/giving her a bath every day instead of every other day.. I read a post someone wrote on it saying to put it on her head for 15 minutes, and then shampoo it out.Luckily i still have the sponge from the hospital that has these plastic bristles on it so that helped. Now only a few days after getting it, its gone! i hated it, nand just wanted to pick at it all the time and didnt want to buy expensive cradle cap product so im glad i read that post on olive oil! Way to be cheap!

also. I LOVE SKYPE! it is awesome. We do it with bonnie a lot of the time and we get to see adam. My sister jody just got it too so i got to skype with her and alex. Perfect because she's having her baby in 2 weeks!! (at least thats when she's due!) I can't wait!! Itll be the first time Im an aunt on my side of the family and ill she'll be my first niece! we just need our parents to get it so they can watch Dulany grow and see her, not just pictures!

So parents... get working on it!! go buy a cheap webcam and DL it!

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Jody and Alex said...

She is so stinking cute! Love that we can skype now! It makes it seem like we get to see you guys way more often!