Thursday, November 29, 2012

K and C

Aunt Kaylee got the boys these hats for Christmas like i posted in the last post (thanksgiving post below) and i realized i never got a picture of them together with the hats on!

and i didnt realize how much they look alike with hats (where you cant see who has the bigger head/more or less hair)

and bonus - i got both to smile for me!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

thanksgiving weekend

This Thanksgiving we headed up to mom and dads house again. its so nice only being 3 hours away. 
we left wednesday after tom got off work and we stayed till sunday evening. 
we had a lot of fun and D had so much fun being at grandmas house! The bos however were having a bit of a rough time. they do not sleep well in the same room as us and they arent taking good naps so they were fussy and clingy! but they did pretty good.

here are all the pictures from thanksgiving.

the appetizers

Dulany playing "her games" before dinner

Mr K playing on his mat.

Finally caught smiles on camera!

the feast!

even tuckered mr. k out!

since mom dad and sessie are going to bonnies house in nyc for christmas we did christmas early! here are those pics

haha this is for julie...

his daddy cant help himself!

all the guys (and mom) got tickets to the civil war game... osu (go beavs!) vs u of o. 

we had a lot of fun with everyone there!! it will also be interesting to see how christmas is with just our family this year in our new house.

oh and i turned 25! mt birthday was on thanksgiving again this year. when i first started dating tom i went with him to his house for thanksgiving 5 years ago and my bday was also on thanksgiving. that was the first time i met all of his family too. funny huh??

Monday, November 26, 2012

Little Miss D.

I forgot to mention D had her appointment a week ago. Oh... My... Goodness.

i hate taking her anywhere that resembles a dr's office. The girl FREAKS out. I mean big time. We get into the waiting room... she warms up. But once we have to go through that dreaded door - biggest fit ever! "I WANT TO GO HOME! this is scary!!" and you would think a nurse would want to try to help while im trying to get her onto the scale. So i ask "can i get on with her and then with out her?" - nurse replies - Well i wouldnt see the point since we have to measure her too... well push comes to shove and i have to get on with her. .. then its time to get the height. that was NOT going to happen. I tried to reason with her and explain to her it wasnt scary.. nothing worked....

and then the nurse said "Dulany - you're holding everybody else up and wasting their time" - Did yoU SERIOUSLY just say that to a 3 year old???

ugh i wanted to punch her in the face. Then i nearly cried. i gave up and so did hte nurse and we went into the room.

when the pedi came in she was very nice and D did everything for her..... shocking!

yikes. anyways here are her stats\

38 lbs
40 inches tall

yikes shes getting big!

we were supposed to get a shot or two but her old Dr's office never put in her file which immunizations she got!

anyways. heres a cute picture of me and my baby (not so much baby girl)

ps she got her hair cut! and now she looks even older.

Friday, November 16, 2012

4 Months

I can't believe my baby boys are already 4 months old! so crazy to think that. It seems like they were just born!

i guess im lucky in some ways because my babies are babies for longer since they were preemies. They act like 2 1/2 month olds which i dont mind because they still love to snuggle. once D was able to hold her head up and sit up - no more snuggles for us! she was miss independent!

anyways - here they are at 4 months in their 3 month onesies - Thing 1 and Thing 2 

this last picture shows how chunky theyre getting. I lOVE it.

ps. dont miss a post about Miss D. below


D and I finally made cookies the other night. This was the first time i used my kitchen aid since i did Dulany's cupcakes for her birthday - that was june!

anyways - this girl.... will NOT lay off the cookie dough! the girl was sneaking in a nibble every chance she could get.

anyways here are some pictures

it was so nice to spend some one on one time with my baby girl. Its been hard to do since the twins came so i try to make a special time with just her and I but its fun to do something with undivided attention.

love this girl. and shes getting TOO big.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mr. C

Mr. C

Yesterday was Colton's Dr. appointment. They gave him shots first, then his check up and well that was just stupid. The kid was MAD! it took forever to calm him down so she could check his heartbeat and everything else.
The Dr. Said everything looked good. He does have a flat side on one side of his head that he sleeps on. and we need to work on tummy time. He hates it. but he does do better then Kemp (She actually told me she wants Kemp to come back next month to see if he's doing better with that. Kemp has always been behind Colton so hopefully he just catches up)
Anyways - back to Colt - here are his stats

Weight - 12lb 10oz - (bigger then K..not by much, but we were surprised!)
Height - 23 1/2 inches (an inch taller too!)

im not sure i like this pediatrician... they never told me where they were percentile wise. she never asked how much they were eating. I figured she would ask a lot more questions. She's nice... a little cooky... but oh well! trial and error right?

Here is a little about Mr C - 

at (almost 4 months - in a few days) he LOVES to smile and talk. He will be the one to wake up with a huge grin on his face once he sees his momma. 

he loves to grab my hair. When you open up his fists you will see lots of mommys hair.

he loves to cat nap.... mommy hates it! He still wakes up 1-2x a night to eat. But he's been going down to nap a lot better! 

he doesn't like getting into the car too much... until we start moving. then he's fine.

he loves sucking on his wrist. you can hear it across the room.

when he's tired - he will let us know... very loudly... which usually happens while out in public. It takes swaddling and a binki and lots of rocking and bouncing to calm him down (which is hard to do in the middle of the walmart... so i get lots of stares while im trying to push D in a cart while holding C and Tom has to keep moving with K in the car otherwise he'll start screaming.... so fun.. i know you're jealous!)

and lastly - he's a mommas boy. He will cry and scream and once i hold him and calm him down he just lays his head on my shoulder and i love it! - tom, probably not so much haha

anyways - theres a little about our Mr. C! I can't believe how big he's gotten. I mean look how SMALL he was! 

and i noticed i never put an updated picture of Mr. K.... yesterday i was getting pictures of my boys because they were matching. I was trying to get them to smile at the same time and saw K make this face and i about peed my pants. I was so glad i got it on camera. He was straight faced then BAM made this beauty... Hahaha still laughing so hard.

it also shows how big they are with Tom holding them both.

So SO so Grateful that they are healthy and growing and doing so well!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mr. K

Kemp had his dr appt... finally. first one since out of the hospital.

he had to get shots -- yuck poor guy... and just get checked out to see if everything looked good. which it did. the only thing is is that they absolutely hate tummy time and i just recently started to do it more. but they hate lifting their heads/pushing themselves up. Esp Mr K... so we need to work on that.

anyways here are his stats

weight - 12lb 4oz
height - 22 1/2 inches

 (hes already bigger then dulany when she was 4.5 months old but she was 12lb 1 oz and 24 inches)

im so happy my boys are growing!!

anyways at (almost 4 months) ---

Kemp has been smiling and talking a lot. it happened overnight it seems!

He loves to play on the play mat.

his hair is coming back! and i believe he will have blue eyes... they arent changing at all.

he is an amazing sleeper! last night he slept from 8 - 6:45. 2nd time he has slept through the night. i owe it to his 3+ hour nap yesterday. all i have to do is rock/bounce him till his eyes are droopy and then i stick him in his crib and he doesnt fuss or anything. love it! (his brother is a different story...but ill talk about him next week)

i love my little kemp. (look how little he was when he was born - makes him seem so big now)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

halloween festivities

this halloween we were low key.... i didnt want to take the boys out and i didnt want to spend money on a costume for D. we got her a tiara from Ross and she has a dress that it went with to be a princess. Well last night i tried to get her dressed and no- she wanted to be a ballerina again. luckily her costume from last year fits this year!

so there we have it.

Tom came home and he drove passed main street where it was blocked off and the whole town was there trick or treating at the small businesses.

so we ALL packed up (even though i wanted to stay home originally) and went for 20 minutes and came home. It rained ALL day. stopped enough for us to go. then started to rain on the ride home. D went to 2 houses.... there was NO houses with lights on! so lame.

we did have 1 group come to our door - at 5:30! so crazy.

anyways. here are the pictures