Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mr. K

Kemp had his dr appt... finally. first one since out of the hospital.

he had to get shots -- yuck poor guy... and just get checked out to see if everything looked good. which it did. the only thing is is that they absolutely hate tummy time and i just recently started to do it more. but they hate lifting their heads/pushing themselves up. Esp Mr K... so we need to work on that.

anyways here are his stats

weight - 12lb 4oz
height - 22 1/2 inches

 (hes already bigger then dulany when she was 4.5 months old but she was 12lb 1 oz and 24 inches)

im so happy my boys are growing!!

anyways at (almost 4 months) ---

Kemp has been smiling and talking a lot. it happened overnight it seems!

He loves to play on the play mat.

his hair is coming back! and i believe he will have blue eyes... they arent changing at all.

he is an amazing sleeper! last night he slept from 8 - 6:45. 2nd time he has slept through the night. i owe it to his 3+ hour nap yesterday. all i have to do is rock/bounce him till his eyes are droopy and then i stick him in his crib and he doesnt fuss or anything. love it! (his brother is a different story...but ill talk about him next week)

i love my little kemp. (look how little he was when he was born - makes him seem so big now)

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Jody and Alex said...

yay for getting so big! That's so so great that he's a good sleeper.I am jealous!