Monday, November 26, 2012

Little Miss D.

I forgot to mention D had her appointment a week ago. Oh... My... Goodness.

i hate taking her anywhere that resembles a dr's office. The girl FREAKS out. I mean big time. We get into the waiting room... she warms up. But once we have to go through that dreaded door - biggest fit ever! "I WANT TO GO HOME! this is scary!!" and you would think a nurse would want to try to help while im trying to get her onto the scale. So i ask "can i get on with her and then with out her?" - nurse replies - Well i wouldnt see the point since we have to measure her too... well push comes to shove and i have to get on with her. .. then its time to get the height. that was NOT going to happen. I tried to reason with her and explain to her it wasnt scary.. nothing worked....

and then the nurse said "Dulany - you're holding everybody else up and wasting their time" - Did yoU SERIOUSLY just say that to a 3 year old???

ugh i wanted to punch her in the face. Then i nearly cried. i gave up and so did hte nurse and we went into the room.

when the pedi came in she was very nice and D did everything for her..... shocking!

yikes. anyways here are her stats\

38 lbs
40 inches tall

yikes shes getting big!

we were supposed to get a shot or two but her old Dr's office never put in her file which immunizations she got!

anyways. heres a cute picture of me and my baby (not so much baby girl)

ps she got her hair cut! and now she looks even older.

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Jody and Alex said...

Love her hair, super cute! Sorry about the doctors. Hopefully it will pass and you will get a better nurse next time! E kinda went through that when she got that horrible sunburn and they had to cut open the blister. She always asks the doctor "no scissors, right?"