Thursday, November 1, 2012

halloween festivities

this halloween we were low key.... i didnt want to take the boys out and i didnt want to spend money on a costume for D. we got her a tiara from Ross and she has a dress that it went with to be a princess. Well last night i tried to get her dressed and no- she wanted to be a ballerina again. luckily her costume from last year fits this year!

so there we have it.

Tom came home and he drove passed main street where it was blocked off and the whole town was there trick or treating at the small businesses.

so we ALL packed up (even though i wanted to stay home originally) and went for 20 minutes and came home. It rained ALL day. stopped enough for us to go. then started to rain on the ride home. D went to 2 houses.... there was NO houses with lights on! so lame.

we did have 1 group come to our door - at 5:30! so crazy.

anyways. here are the pictures

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