Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mr. C

Mr. C

Yesterday was Colton's Dr. appointment. They gave him shots first, then his check up and well that was just stupid. The kid was MAD! it took forever to calm him down so she could check his heartbeat and everything else.
The Dr. Said everything looked good. He does have a flat side on one side of his head that he sleeps on. and we need to work on tummy time. He hates it. but he does do better then Kemp (She actually told me she wants Kemp to come back next month to see if he's doing better with that. Kemp has always been behind Colton so hopefully he just catches up)
Anyways - back to Colt - here are his stats

Weight - 12lb 10oz - (bigger then K..not by much, but we were surprised!)
Height - 23 1/2 inches (an inch taller too!)

im not sure i like this pediatrician... they never told me where they were percentile wise. she never asked how much they were eating. I figured she would ask a lot more questions. She's nice... a little cooky... but oh well! trial and error right?

Here is a little about Mr C - 

at (almost 4 months - in a few days) he LOVES to smile and talk. He will be the one to wake up with a huge grin on his face once he sees his momma. 

he loves to grab my hair. When you open up his fists you will see lots of mommys hair.

he loves to cat nap.... mommy hates it! He still wakes up 1-2x a night to eat. But he's been going down to nap a lot better! 

he doesn't like getting into the car too much... until we start moving. then he's fine.

he loves sucking on his wrist. you can hear it across the room.

when he's tired - he will let us know... very loudly... which usually happens while out in public. It takes swaddling and a binki and lots of rocking and bouncing to calm him down (which is hard to do in the middle of the walmart... so i get lots of stares while im trying to push D in a cart while holding C and Tom has to keep moving with K in the car otherwise he'll start screaming.... so fun.. i know you're jealous!)

and lastly - he's a mommas boy. He will cry and scream and once i hold him and calm him down he just lays his head on my shoulder and i love it! - tom, probably not so much haha

anyways - theres a little about our Mr. C! I can't believe how big he's gotten. I mean look how SMALL he was! 

and i noticed i never put an updated picture of Mr. K.... yesterday i was getting pictures of my boys because they were matching. I was trying to get them to smile at the same time and saw K make this face and i about peed my pants. I was so glad i got it on camera. He was straight faced then BAM made this beauty... Hahaha still laughing so hard.

it also shows how big they are with Tom holding them both.

So SO so Grateful that they are healthy and growing and doing so well!

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Jody and Alex said...

so so so so cute. Love those boys! I am so glad too that they are growing and are so healthy. I seriously cannot get over K's face. I keep going back and looking at it- priceless!