Thursday, April 29, 2010

3 posts in a row?

3 posts in one day? wow (aka scroll down for videos and pics)...

anywho, after 2 years, and finding i decided to edit some of my wedding pics.. ok like a lot.. like 65 pics.. but here is a slide show of them for anyone interested.

since we've been back...

dulany has been crawling everywhere. she's been talking like non-other. she laughs her "fake" laugh at a lot of things, including herself in the mirror (video below). She claps like crazy and will 'patty cake' if i start singing. She's getting into everything.. (including the dvd player and ps3.. which is annoying.) started to explore the bathroom/hallway/her room our room.. and further into the kitchen... does NOT want to wear socks.. pulls them off everytime i put them on her. This wouldnt be a problem if it wasnt FREEZING (it was 75 degrees outside whenw e got back, now this week it is like 40.. and cloudy..)

anywho, here are some pics and a video.

here are some pics as of lately...

ps.. TONS Of videos below in another post!!

TONS of Videos from Oregon Trip!

This video is of Dulany outside grandma and grandpas house. it was gorgeous!

this vid is of Dulany talking and screaming in the back seat. she does this often> I dont know why, but it cracks me up. I also love how she looks up when we try to look back at her.

this video is of Dulany swinging on the swings for the first time!

here she is at the park in this swirly thing.?

here is a video of jon and kaylee cutting their wdding cake. sorry its sideways!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Family Pics

Here are the family pics Bonnie took for us! Enjoy!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our trip to Oregon!

Here is a slide show of all the adventures of our trip to Oregon! it was so much fun. We're so sad to leave and be back in rexburg. We miss everyone a ton. We had so much fun going to Tom's sisters wedding, getting to see Bonnie and Adam (who we havent seen since last august!). and going out to eat, going on a date (for our anniversary!) and just having fun with everyone around! oh yes, and the countless number of slurpees i got. Bonnie was nice enough to take some family pictures of us with her nice new camera! they turned out So good! im waiting for them to upload so i'll post those in another post! But seriously, SO cute! thanks bonnie again! We're excited for this semester to be the LAST semester of Tom's undergrad! im so excited (and proud of hhim) to graduate in July! He's not working this semester but he's gone pretty much from 8-5 anyways. But im excited to have him home on the weekends and we're really excied for him to start baseball! Dulany and I can't wait to go see him play! Anywho, enjoy the pictures!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Best 2 Years

ok. well im sure some others will be the best. But today, Tom and I have been married for 2 years! As always i say it seems like it's been longer than that but then again 2 years seems like it was just yesterday.

We spent our anniversary driving back to rexburg from Oregon. Ended up being a 13 hour drive. It wasn't as bad as usual but i wish we could've gone out and done something fun. We did have the fam babysit last week while we went out to outback so that was nice.

I could sit here and go on and on about how wonderful Tom is and be all sappy and cheesey, but ill just say that Its been an awesome two years and I love him to death!

here's a picture to remember the day we got married!

Friday, April 16, 2010


Dulany is 10 months old today!

I'll have to post more about her later, i can't even get one picture on here.. so you'll just have to wait.

But, she's starting to crawl now. Slowly but surely.

More to come. Promise!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Well, we're here in Oregon. Sorry to my family on the other side of the country... no pictures. I didnt bring my cable thingy to connect my camera. but to be honest, i haven't been taking too many pictures.

but after a LONG three days of traveling. we finally made it to Oregon and it is GORGEOUS. There is green everywhere, trees are in full bloom, tulips everywhere. I love it. It started to rain last night, and i woke up to the sound of rain and birds chirping. Now it's sunny and so warm!

I think I am going to send Tom home and I'll stay here till he graduates. just joking. But seriously... I now want to move here when we graduate after only 2 days of being here. I don't want to go back to the brown cold place called idaho!

anywho, i promise lots of pictures when we get home next week.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

swimsuit preview.

so i finally got Dulany's swimsuit in the mail. I am in love with it! we have one from Aunt bonnie and i thought i would need a second one for her when we go to the beach in august incase one is wet and i need to put her in one. So it was cheap and i had a coupon and got it. I was so excited to try them both on, so we had a little swimsuit preview last night! the first one is from the childrens place that i bought.the blue one is from Aunt Bonnie... seriously, those bum ruffles are ADORABLE! i love that it has sleeves too.

here are just a few pics that i forgot. ps. Dulany has been able to get onto her knees (about time) and take a few crawls but perfers to army crawl still.. But she crawls backwards and then goes from crawling position to sitting. And she's starting to pull herself up (she can pull herself up onto me when im sitting on the floor infront of her) she is just getting too big!

ps. it has also snowed MORE. i hate rexburg. I really do.

here are 2 pics of D. reading her book. She ALWAYS has it like this! cracks me up.

her newly painted toenails!

here is how we found her one afternoon when she was SUPPOSED to be taking a nap.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Today has been a pretty good day. we watched conference, dyed some easter eggs, caught grandma and grandpa (along with great grandma and grandpa roberts, kaylee and leslie and jon) at dinner when we happened to see them on skype. SO we sorta "joined" them earlier to eat. I made my very first easter dinner. I made a ham that was so delish! every recipe i looked up had "cloves" and i dont even know what those are or where to find them so i found one where you take slices of the ham and put them in a casserole dish with all the other ingredients and bake it. MUCH easier! and it turned out SO good, maybe one of the best hams ive had. its kinda funny... it had ham, pineapple slices (and the juice) brown sugar, and.. well ginger ale, weird i know. But SO good. i was impressed with myself. So we had that, twice baked potatoes and roasted green beans.

now we're just relaxing, although Dulany is a little crankier than usual (due to cutting a tooth, we can see the very tip of it coming through)... but seriously, all that food made me want to take a LONG nap! and its only 4 pm.

here are pics from today.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


wow. 3 posts in 3 days! impressive.

anywho, There is a blizzard outside. it looks like this. This is what rexburg likes to call a "spring day". ... while everyone else has rain showers. we get tons of snow. I hate it. Can't wait to get out of here in 4 months!

oh and not to mention, my sister and her fam live in Pittsburgh. My dad lives in central PA... they said yesterday it hit 85 degrees. Jealous much, yes. I am.

on another note (maybe good, maybe not..) Dulany is finally getting her first tooth(maybe teeth). She's done pretty good and will get cranky every so often but for the most part she's still happy. Maybe the worst hasnt happened yet. Yikes!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Basket

Dulany got gramma and grampa pease's easter basket today! after we saw cousin E get hers, we were really excited to get hers! It is so much fun (WAY better than the one the easter bunny in our house made!) She had a HUGE bunny that she's already obsessed with, a little bunny, the CUTEST bunny slippers, a soft book. an easter book and a teether thing and a new little overall dress!

Thank you gramma and grampa! i took a little video of Dulany "thanking you" and took lots of pictures to show how much she loves it (and she does, the slippers are STILL on her feet and shes playing with the little bunny ears. and of course, i think she likes the basket the omst!) haha

Thursday, April 1, 2010

the new do

So i got my hair cut. I got it cut 2 years ago to this look after having it way long... and i LOVED it.

so i wanted to do the same again (after taking FOREVER to grow out long again)
i wasnt as excited about these results. My bangs are butchered therefore are pinned up in bobby pins.

so it went from this long

to this. please excuse this nasty picture of me as well.

ps. i think rexburg is playing a cruel april fools joke on us. It snowed on us yesterday on the first of april. It snowed a LOT and there was a lot of wind. (hello blizzard?) The ground is covered in snow. I no longer can see grass. The cars are somewhat covered. Really? Am i surprised? no. not really. it snows in June here. I hate it. I can't wait till july when we move. I was really excited about it being in the 40s (thats sad huh?), having dulany on a blanket on the grass, and being able to get some sun. ugh. rexburg.....

on a better note. Dulany laughs at the funniest things. I was pulling this neckalce from her, she was laughing like crazy. by the time i got the camera out, she wasnt laughing as hard. And today when she was eating, she would hit the spoon and squash would go flying everywhere... i was like "No!" and she just laughed harder... she is too funny. Here is the video of her.