Tuesday, April 6, 2010

swimsuit preview.

so i finally got Dulany's swimsuit in the mail. I am in love with it! we have one from Aunt bonnie and i thought i would need a second one for her when we go to the beach in august incase one is wet and i need to put her in one. So it was cheap and i had a coupon and got it. I was so excited to try them both on, so we had a little swimsuit preview last night! the first one is from the childrens place that i bought.the blue one is from Aunt Bonnie... seriously, those bum ruffles are ADORABLE! i love that it has sleeves too.

here are just a few pics that i forgot. ps. Dulany has been able to get onto her knees (about time) and take a few crawls but perfers to army crawl still.. But she crawls backwards and then goes from crawling position to sitting. And she's starting to pull herself up (she can pull herself up onto me when im sitting on the floor infront of her) she is just getting too big!

ps. it has also snowed MORE. i hate rexburg. I really do.

here are 2 pics of D. reading her book. She ALWAYS has it like this! cracks me up.

her newly painted toenails!

here is how we found her one afternoon when she was SUPPOSED to be taking a nap.


Michelle Starrs said...

Love the swimming suit! i got one really cheap for Ray but now wish i had gotten one with a top to protect his skin. And the book picture cracks me up! She is so cute. I really want her and Ray to get together!

DJGoodwin said...

Where did your aunt get that suit? That is too cute!!

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

jamie, my sis in law got it i think at carters? now im not sure!

The Sabatini Family said...

So stinkin' cute!! I love her chunky legs in that swimsuit!! Thanks for posting. You'll have to bring them to Oregon and we'll go swimming together!! She's so cute, I can't wait to see her!!!!! I love that picture of her lounging and reading a book. Too cute. I'm jealous you get to see Mom and Dad tomorrow!! Have lots of fun! See you next week. <3