Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Basket

Dulany got gramma and grampa pease's easter basket today! after we saw cousin E get hers, we were really excited to get hers! It is so much fun (WAY better than the one the easter bunny in our house made!) She had a HUGE bunny that she's already obsessed with, a little bunny, the CUTEST bunny slippers, a soft book. an easter book and a teether thing and a new little overall dress!

Thank you gramma and grampa! i took a little video of Dulany "thanking you" and took lots of pictures to show how much she loves it (and she does, the slippers are STILL on her feet and shes playing with the little bunny ears. and of course, i think she likes the basket the omst!) haha

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Jody and Alex said...

I think its cute how E and Dulany both love the bunny that is bigger than they are! Cute video!