Monday, April 12, 2010


Well, we're here in Oregon. Sorry to my family on the other side of the country... no pictures. I didnt bring my cable thingy to connect my camera. but to be honest, i haven't been taking too many pictures.

but after a LONG three days of traveling. we finally made it to Oregon and it is GORGEOUS. There is green everywhere, trees are in full bloom, tulips everywhere. I love it. It started to rain last night, and i woke up to the sound of rain and birds chirping. Now it's sunny and so warm!

I think I am going to send Tom home and I'll stay here till he graduates. just joking. But seriously... I now want to move here when we graduate after only 2 days of being here. I don't want to go back to the brown cold place called idaho!

anywho, i promise lots of pictures when we get home next week.


Jody and Alex said...

You know, Oregon isn't the only place with lots of green and should come here while Tom graduates, we got lots of it here!!(and we have E.... an added bonus!)

The Beck Bunch said...

Where in Oregon are you at?? It sounds like you are having a lot better time with the weather than with Rexburg's!