Thursday, April 1, 2010

the new do

So i got my hair cut. I got it cut 2 years ago to this look after having it way long... and i LOVED it.

so i wanted to do the same again (after taking FOREVER to grow out long again)
i wasnt as excited about these results. My bangs are butchered therefore are pinned up in bobby pins.

so it went from this long

to this. please excuse this nasty picture of me as well.

ps. i think rexburg is playing a cruel april fools joke on us. It snowed on us yesterday on the first of april. It snowed a LOT and there was a lot of wind. (hello blizzard?) The ground is covered in snow. I no longer can see grass. The cars are somewhat covered. Really? Am i surprised? no. not really. it snows in June here. I hate it. I can't wait till july when we move. I was really excited about it being in the 40s (thats sad huh?), having dulany on a blanket on the grass, and being able to get some sun. ugh. rexburg.....

on a better note. Dulany laughs at the funniest things. I was pulling this neckalce from her, she was laughing like crazy. by the time i got the camera out, she wasnt laughing as hard. And today when she was eating, she would hit the spoon and squash would go flying everywhere... i was like "No!" and she just laughed harder... she is too funny. Here is the video of her.

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Jody and Alex said...

her laugh is SO cute...miss her. I think your hair is cute, I forgot how long it was!