Saturday, April 3, 2010


wow. 3 posts in 3 days! impressive.

anywho, There is a blizzard outside. it looks like this. This is what rexburg likes to call a "spring day". ... while everyone else has rain showers. we get tons of snow. I hate it. Can't wait to get out of here in 4 months!

oh and not to mention, my sister and her fam live in Pittsburgh. My dad lives in central PA... they said yesterday it hit 85 degrees. Jealous much, yes. I am.

on another note (maybe good, maybe not..) Dulany is finally getting her first tooth(maybe teeth). She's done pretty good and will get cranky every so often but for the most part she's still happy. Maybe the worst hasnt happened yet. Yikes!

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Brittany Alyse Voss said...

tell me it isn't so!! we are headed back on monday!!